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I never thought I’d ever be one of those people that would buy toys in their teens. But then I met a ton of online friends, and they all had collections. The photos they took were so cool that they made me want to join in. So, when I finally got a job, the first action figure I bought with my paycheck was this figure. It didn’t arrive until a month later, and in that time I bought other figures from the Marvel Legends line.


My favorite part of this figure is the paint job. The red really compliments the metallic blue. When you’re taking photos, it really pops. The webs are sculpted in, and they seemed to have missed some paint on mine in some spots. Overall, the paint is pretty amazing.

The sculpt is very weird, it’s not like a normal human being. Everything is exaggerated. It’s very unique and may not be for you, but personally, I enjoy it. It makes this figure stand out from the others in my collection.


Oh boy, there is so much articulation. Pretty much every joint is a ball joint, that also swivels. The shoulder is a double ball joint that can make him look like its dislocated to hell and back, and it swivels. The knee joint is on a ball joint, that also swivels. The calf has a swivel. Ankles swivel. Head and neck swivel, elbow and wrist swivel. The torso swivels. Ya, that’s a lot of swivels.

These joints are kinda ugly. They kinda make the figure awkward to look at, but that’s a small price to pay. These ugly joints can get him into so many crazy and diverse poses. I’ve had this figure for a month now, and have barely scratched the surface of what the kind of poses this thing can accomplish.


This thing came loaded with accessories. Four different eye sets, and a tool to change them. That’s just the head, the figure also comes with four different handsets. Grab hands, fist/swinging hands, thwip hands, and wall crawling hands. The webs that come with it are two long swinging webs, two thwiping webs, and one bendy web for the grabbing hands. They also added some extra shoulder joints in case they break on you. There is a stand that you can plug into Spidey’s back, with a claw grip, magnet for walls, and an extension.

One of the thwiping webs seems to have a bend in the part you insert into the hand, so I make sure to insert it sideways to avoid it breaking.


This figure is not for the inexperienced poser. It takes time to master the joints, and if you’re not careful, you can break it. There’s a lot to love here, and a lot to dislike. For example, it looks terrible when just standing straight up. But it’s the action poses where this figure truly shines. Some times you need to play with your camera perspective so that you can hide some of the weird joints.

Personally, I can look past the flaws and say that it’s a very well made figure that’s probably the most unique on the market. No others look like it, and its possibility can’t be matched. While it cost me $115 here in Canada, I do not regret that decision. Playing with this thing made me feel like a kid again. If you can afford it, get this figure, there’s truly nothing else like it.

Now here’s just a bunch of photos I took with the figure:

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