Writers block: How does one beat it?

Writers Block – My experience with it

What is Writers Block?

Defined as a condition, primarily with writing, in which an author loses the ability to produce new work, or experiences a creative slowdown. I’ve had it for the last 3 months, why?

I started working at Super Hero Junky nearly 3 months ago. I was first offered this gig by the “CEO” of this website, I’m very grateful for that offer however I have only made a handful of articles. Why is that? I certainly love to write scripts and articles, it’s my dream job to become a script writer.

For some background, I’m a media student which basically means I study TV shows, movies and create my own content. However while I’ve got ideas I’m currently struggling to flesh out these ideas. I’ve been suffering with writers block for a fair bit now.

So what have I done to get past this problem? Create this article.

I’ve always loved writing about subjects ever since I was a young child, I would spend most of my days writing in a journal even though I have terrible handwriting. Now I spend most of my time researching subjects and beginning to come up with scripts however an issue always arises. The ambition is no longer there.

So in this article I’ve decided to come up with a way to circumvent this issue.

First Step to Writers Block – Research

When dealing with writers block first research why you’re suffering with it, there are many reasons why you may be suffering from it such as:

  • Lack of ambition
  • Lack of knowledge on the subject
  • Being too critical

For me these are why I’ve been unable to create any meaningful work & writers block happens for a multitude of reasons & therefore may be different for you.

Second StepĀ  – Why are you like this?

This step is the one most people seem to struggle on, which isn’t a surprise. Most writers aren’t able to figure out why they’re unable to get past the initial idea process. Realizing that I’m too invested with trying to come up with the best idea that I don’t actually produce any meaningful work is unhealthy. A good way to get out of this is to try and do activities that you’ll find therapeutic.

Third Step – Make sure to take time to relax

Now that you’re overcoming writers block, make sure you give yourself a rest otherwise you risk facing a creative burnout. Hopefully this blog helps you overcome writers block much like our Super Hero Idols overcome personal challenges and ultimately defeat the forces of evil.


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