Why The MCU Spider-Man Isn’t The Real Spider-Man

(Written by @faiz304)

So you’ve read the title. Now before you get your damn pitchforks and knives; let me explain a little. These are my opinions and mine alone. Firstly, I think Tom Holland is an amazing actor and had potential to be the best Spider-Man we’ve ever seen on the big screen. BUT he was dealt a bad hand. When I saw Peter in Captain America: Civil War in theaters I nearly cried, it was everything I ever dreamed of.

Peter was young, living with aunt may, had web shooters and seemed intelligent, funny, and dorky. I left that theatre excited to see MORE of this version of Peter Parker. By the time 2017 had come around I got the chance to see Spider-Man: Homecoming. I was thoroughly entertained, but not satisfied. It didn’t feel like I was seeing the real Spider-Man for two main reasons.

Number One: Uncle Ben

The morals and decision making of both Peter Parker and Spider-Man are almost ENTIRELY based around uncle Ben. Ben teaches us the saying “With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility.” We’ve all heard it, it’s what Peter lives by. It’s the reason he doesn’t use his powers to his own advantage and play high school football. It’s the reason he realizes that it’s only right for him to use his great powers RESPONSIBLY. But to my surprise there is almost no mention of Uncle Ben or this saying in the entire film. Not one peep. At one point in the film he actually uses his powers and his alter ego as Spider-Man to steal Flash Thompson’s car. What?!

Bottom line, this version of Peter doesn’t yet understand what it means to be Spider-Man. Uncle Ben’s death is what sends the wall crawler down the path of changing and growing into a man, A Spider-Man if you will. Without any mention of this event the Spider-Man character doesn’t feel complete. (Count how many times I say Spider-Man in this.)

Number Two: Spider-MAN

(Manning Up)

In my opinion; the MCU version of Peter Parker should be called Spider-Boy or Iron Man Junior. At least that’s what he appears to be in the films. Even after Uncle Ben’s death; he still wants to be a normal High Schooler. As seen in the FFH trailer, Peter still seems to be scared and running away from his Spider-Man responsibilities.

Peter should at this point in his life realize the gift/curse he has been given is giving him this new life. In Spider-Man 2 (2004) Peter has an arc where he loses his powers, he gets to live the life he wants to. He soon realizes that this simple life wasn’t meant for him, and that he was meant for something greater. Being a true hero and protecting the citizens of New York as the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

We can only hope that Spider-Man: Far From Home gives Peter a similar arc, and makes him man up into the true hero we’ve all grown up watching. Here’s to praying Far From Home will include everything a great Spider-Man story should.

P.S, here’s to praying we get to see Zendaya (MJ) say “go get ‘em tiger”.



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