Who is Spider-Ham?


Sony Animation’s Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse is coming to theaters next month and there is one Spider-Person who seems to be stealing the show. And that person is a pig!

Peter Porker

Peter Porker, aka the Spectacular Spider-Ham first appeared in Marvel Tales. Starring Peter Porker The Spectacular Spider-Ham in November of 1983. He debuted with a whole universe of animal themed Avengers with characters such as Captain Americat and Iron Mouse!


Peter Porker wasn’t always a pig. He actually started out as a spider! As crazy as this may sound, Peter was a spider who was bitten by Aunt May. Aunt May was a radioactive pig! The spider was then turned into a pig! He was able to keep his spider abilities. He swore to use his powers for good instead of evil and has defended his universe from furry foes ever since.

The Spider-Verse

This amazing Spider Pig became more popular during the Spider-Verse event where he interacted with many other versions of the Wall-Crawler! He also became a part of the Spider-Team, the Web Warriors! Other members of the Web Warriors include Spider-Gwen, Spider-Punk, Spider-Man Noir, Spider-Girl, and Pavitr Prabhakar.


There are more versions of Spider-Ham than you may have known about. While there is the classic Peter Porker, there is also other versions such as, Miles Morales: The Ultimate Spider-Ham, Scarlet Spider-Ham, And Spider-Ham 2099.

Spider-Ham has also appeared in other mediums other than comic books. He appeared in a post-credit scene to the video game Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions and in the cartoon Ultimate Spider-Man during their Spider-Verse event. He will make his cinematic debut in Sony’s animated movie Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse in theaters December 14th.

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