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Who is Moon Girl?

Moon Girl is a nine year old inhuman with a comic series going on since 2016. The series has 42 issues currently with more to come. In my opinion, she isn’t very well known in the comic book world. My local comic shop only orders a few comics of each issue each week. From my visits of others, the same appears true. For this reason, I am here to introduce you to S.H.I.E.L.D’s registered smartest person in the world. This information is especially deemed useful to those following the War of Realms event. The Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur series have a few issues that are tie-ins for the huge comic event. 

In the beginning of her series, Moon Girl simply was a young girl who loved to invent and whose life was changed when Devil Dinosaur and killer folk were on the loose. Later on the Terrigenesis process occurs. Terrigenesis is what activates the inhuman’s powers. The terrigen mist interacts with their DNA and causes the transformation. Some inhuman’s have huge transformations both involving their new found powers and crazy appearance changes. Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D television series describes the Terrigenesis process very well. Moon Girl gains her powers, happy to not have drastic changes.

In short, Lunella Lafayette is a no nonsense, attitude filled smartie with a funky costume. The costume isn’t hiding her identity, she could care less who knows if she’s moon girl and with her special bond with devil dinosaur it’s hard to hide her being a super hero.

As seen in issue #42 with an appearance of Peter Parker Spider-Man: 

Surprisingly, she does pretty well at hiding it without trying, seeing as no one stops her living out life as a super hero so young. As stated, there is confirmation and reference in other comics (such as in the Unstoppable Wasp) that Lunella is the smartest in the world at only 9. However, Lunella is in fourth grade and having the mind of the genius the comics often show her bored and not given a challenge in school. Thus, her adventures as Moon Girl are the challenges she seeks.

My personal favorite part of her series is the bad dream issues, #38-42, (picture link below) which includes appearances from Doctor Strange and various dream and nightmare characters with very interesting stories and powers. 

In conclusion, she’s 9 and a great role model for younger readers but has such an interesting and fun story arc that will intrigue readers of all ages. Finally, to state the obvious she is a strong young female superhero of color! We need to show more support for these great underrated heroes! So go ahead and order an issue, read some more about her online. It’s never too late to start reading comics of a new hero. 

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