What it Lacked: Spider-Man Homecoming

What it Lacked: Is a series exploring what  certain aspects are misssing that could have been explored deeper in various media. Most of these “misses” are what people wished to get out of the chosen subject (but didn’t) or plain and simple, omissions that were noticed.

What it Lacks, looks to explore each of these points and perhaps offer and insight towards the differences they could have made. However, it is important to keep in mind that these are only opinions and nothing more. So to kick things of, we take a look at one of Marvel’s most identifiable heroes in Spider-Man and his MCU debut, Spider-Man Homecoming.

 An Impact of Uncle Ben:

Benjamin ‘Ben’ Parker is perhaps the most important source of motivation for Peter Parker becoming a good hero.Lacked: Uncle Ben-Spider-Man

Uncle Ben’s death lays the foundation for Peter to establish his motto in life ‘with great power comes great responsibility’. Homecoming however does not mention Peter’s past.

With doing so, it fails to highlight the biggest motivation for Peter. Putting him across as more of an avengers fan, rather than focus on ‘being greater’.

Previous films with the web-head have always emphasized on the death of Ben as a means of showing motivation and the reason to become a hero.

This is such a major missing detail, as Peter does not seem to understand that his actions can have major consequences.

This is further evident from the destruction of the Sandwich shop with no casualties and little remorse from Peter. He’s also not too concerned about how often ditching his friends may turn out.

A recognition of this fact, could have made the ‘this be my destiny’ Easter egg all the more emotional for long time fans and explain to new fans just how much the loss of a loved one can mean to an individual.

This is something that is a rather stark difference to the comic book Parker who contemplates the outcomes of his actions. More often than not, having to deal with the negative aspects of whichever option he chooses.

The Stark Suit

One of the key traits of Spider-Man is the origin of the suit. However the MCU’s Spider-Man does not have a suit which originates from Peter’s idea but rather from Tony Stark.

The Suit serves as another reminder to the extended universe and also shows Peter’s over-dependence on it. Throughout the movie, key moments are defined by either how Peter uses the suit to enhance his skills (the ferry scene) or how the suit rescues him (post his first encounter with the Vulture).

The suit needed to be Peter’s own creation, a tool to highlight that he is not just a ‘fan boy’ but rather one of the greatest minds of the Marvel Universe. Something which Marvel’s Spider-Man (PS4) strongly drives home (with the throwbacks to his high school days).

Therefore, when he does lose the suit, we get to see Spidey grow not just as Parker but as a hero as well, one that understands he does not need others to make him great, he can do so on his own merit and be even greater.

Lacked: Stark Suit-PS4-Spider-Man by KingDime

Parker’s Luck:

One of the most defining traits of Peter Parker is his unrelenting luck. Peter is one who must constantly deal with the consequences of his actions.

Which is because he must sacrifice time with his loved ones for whenever he wants to dawn the Spider Suit. Similarly, the decisions he makes as Spider-Man can impact the life of Peter Parker and those around him. A good example of this is the death of Gwen Stacy.

Without any fall out, Homecoming presents Spider-Man as more of an Iron-Man 2.0.

The Lack of Aunt May

One of Peter’s closest ally’s and perhaps his emotional center, his Aunt May. The one he turns to for advice and to share most of his thoughts.Spider-Man-Aunt-May

Homecoming’s distance between the two makes it difficult for peter to share his immediate difficulties. Peter often seeks advice from those close to him, May’s absence often leaves Peter without someone to rely on.

Like the turn in the movie once Peter loses his suit, he finally chooses to confide in May.

With a greater presence of May, various other issues could have been explored, such as Peter dealing with the death of his Uncle. Perhaps even exploring how he could confess his feelings to Liz or even explore his feelings for Liz. Rather than relying on (Karen) the A.I within his suit.

Final Word:

Homecoming tackles the issue of introducing a younger Spider-Man to the MCU well. However it falls short in providing him with any major developments. Which leaves many wondering whether he is simply another hero added to the Avenger ensemble or the new leader for the next generation in the MCU.

The film serves the purpose of linking the MCU together well  but fails to establish Peter on his own. Even with his presence in the events of Infinity War, one cannot help but feel that there could have been more to explore.

Although it is appreciated that this is only the beginning for Spider-Man in the MCU and the path that follows can alter the notions that are bubbling. What maybe in store for viewers post the release of the next film, Far From Home?

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