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With the release of the End Game Trailer now upon us, fans are already anticipating potential outcomes. Most people believe the Avengers will win the rematch with Thanos. It is the most likely outcome, in my opinion. Assuming our hero’s will overcome Thanos is most likely a given. Firstly, it’s extremely doubtful Marvel will allow the forces of evil to prevail again. Secondly, sequel movies like Spider-Man “Far From Home” are already scheduled to release in the wake of End Game. With the safe assumption that the Avengers will win, who is going to be the next big villain that they will have to face and overcome?

After almost a decade of Thanos related hints and post credits scenes, he finally arrived in a major way when he decimated half of the Universe in Infinity War. For the first time in the MCU, the good guys lost. It left millions of fans around the world heart broken and even distraught. The Thanos plot was deeply seeded, meaning, they showed us enough glimpses of him (over the last several years) to fear his arrival. The build up was huge! What could Marvel possibly do to surpass what they have already done in the MCU to date?

For the sake of this post let’s disregard who owns the rights to the characters. If the MCU wants a character bad enough, they can make it happen as evident with our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. Could the next Villain be someone we have already seen or will it be a new face? Let’s run down the list of serious potential threats to the universe.

New Villain – Kang The Conqueror

Kang makes sense for several reasons.

Time Travel. There’s already an Infinity Gem out there capable of manipulating time, however if there is any villain more capable of manipulating time it’s Kang, the super villain from the future. Time travel opens up a whole new realm of possibilities and even allows for a smoother transition of face changing amongst actors in the universe. Marvel if you’re listening, please make the transition smoother and don’t just fire RDJ or kill of Tony Stark. Use Kang or time travel in general to reboot the MCU.

Ancient Egypt. Kang spends some time in Ancient Egypt as a Pharaoh. Doesn’t that have a cool feel to it? Maybe a throw back Black Panther Appearance? Wakanda isn’t too far from Egypt. Can you picture Steve Rogers in the Past? Can the Scarlet Centurion come out to play? We are so used to seeing other planets and a CGI filled MCU, how about a battle in Cairo? I don’t know about you, but I’m sick of seeing New York City get destroyed.

His Origin. Kang’s back story is full of grey area. Born Nathan Richards, it’s unclear who his biological father actually is. Some speculate Reed Richards, others say it’s Victor Von Doom. Some even say it may be Tony Stark from a different time, as at one point Kang is not Kang, before he turns evil he’s actually Iron Lad. Do you see how this could get fun? Lot’s of twists and potential for confusing surprise filled and diverse plots with Kang The Conqueror.


Anticipated Villain – Red Hulk 

If you aren’t anticipating a Red Hulk I don’t know what you are doing with your life. Everyone knows that General Ross becomes the Red Hulk. Don’t They? Here’s the reasons why a Red Hulk could be a huge threat not just for another Hulk movie but the entire Marvel Universe.

Can Beat Hulk. Other than Thanos we haven’t seen anyone put a beating on the Incredible Hulk, yet. OK, in Ragnarok, Thor might have had him up until the Grand Master cheated in Hulk’s favor, but come on, it was Thor’s last movie. Of course he’s going to win. Regardless, the Red Hulk is most likely the only other being in the Universe that can give the Green Hulk a run for his money. The rest of the Avengers will fall in line trying to take a crack at the big red villain.

A Hulk Army. Not that he would need one, but as General Ross he’d have an Army at his disposal and as the Red Hulk he could destroy one, by himself… Or even better, how about he’s the leader of an outer space Hulk Army? Crazy but possible. After Endgame and a few money making sequels, Marvel is going to need to get really innovative. What else can the Red Hulk do? How about team up with Red Skull? A Planet Hulk Movie maybe? That would be fun to see.

Anticipated Villain – Red Skull

Hail Hydra! We know he’s alive or still around or in Astral form or well we at least know he’s something. Hail Hydra! Since we’ve seen him in Infinity War we know Red Skull is up to something. Hail Hydra! We know Red Skull would be great if he teamed up with someone this time. Hail Hydra! Who is going to be Red Skull’s evil partner if not Red Hulk? Captain America under mind control? Nah, I vote for Task Master. Hail Hydra!

Sneak in Villain – Task Master 

Alone Task Master isn’t enough to battle the entire Cast of Do-Gooders in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but teaming up with Red Skull would make him an adamant foe.  If you haven’t heard of Task Master he’s kind of a Templar meets Skeletor. A lot of people like Task Master because of this. He uses Guns, Swords and a shield. He’s like the evil version of Captain America mixed with a little bit of the Punisher.

Surprise Villain – Scarlet Witch

Why are you shocked? Scarlet Witch becoming a bad guy makes total sense. Don’t agree? Let me try to change your mind. Here’s a few reasons why Wanda Maximoff makes a great villain.

Bad Guy Tendencies. She started out as a bad guy until Ultron showed her his real plan. Deep down she wants to be a hero, however I can totally see her crossing back over to the dark-side.  Maybe she gets an offer she can’t refuse from a baddie like Kang, such as a time travel promise to bring her brother Quick Silver back to life. Maybe Thanos’ wife Death extends the invite to do the same or bring back the love of Scarlet’s life Vision? Don’t forget the alleged daughter of Magneto was always a villain in the Comics.

Why Wanda?

She Screams Evil. Seriously. Take a look at that picture! I mean, her name is Scarlet Witch for crying out loud! When have you ever known a witch to be a good guy! A WITCH! I just hope Marvel does it, I really do. How about a scene when she’s about to help a fellow Avenger and then shockingly turns on them. Let’s also wish for a revised look back to the original Scarlet Witch (Pictured Right). I really don’t think it would take that much to get Wanda Maximoff to the dark side and surprise us all.

She’s Powerful. She pushed Vision through the floor all the way to China with her weird telekinetic powers.  “Vis” is one of, if not the most powerful Avenger to date and she trashed him. Don’t argue he’s not, Vision carries the Mind Stone and Yielded Mjolnir, nuff said.

She’s Scarred. The woman is scarred and broken. Her parents were killed in front of her. Her brother was brutally shot to death. She had to kill the love of her life to save the Universe… and she did. Just to see what she did get undone and watch Thanos kill him again. This time by ripping the  Mind Stone from his robotic brains. If any hero in the MCU can surprise us by turning evil it’s Wanda Maximoff and I hope it happens!


The Rest of the Potential Evil Villains

Some super villains that didn’t make this particular list, but could easily follow Thanos are Dr. Doom, Modok, Gallactus, Mephisto, Onslaught, and Omega Red! Other than Dr. Doom, who has been used already in the Fantastic 4 movie, and Modok who may be difficult to CGI (a giant face). Not sure how believable that would be. I think these other villains would also be great in the MCU. Stay tuned for another piece that will cover these potential Marvel Universe Villains. Please comment below if you think anyone else would be a great fit or if someone is missing. Thanks for Reading!


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