We Happy Few: The Past & Now

we-happy-fewWe Happy Few: The Past & Now

Is Happiness a Choice?

In 2018, Complusion Games released a game called ‘We Happy Few‘.

At the present time, it is August 2019 & Complusion has so far released two DLC’s (Downloadable Content) titled ‘They Came From Below‘ & ‘Lightbearer‘.

The History Of We Happy Few

Kickstarter 2015

To begin with, the release of ‘We Happy Few‘ had an announcement trailer released on YouTube in 2015.

In addition to the trailer Complusion had a Kickstarter which was aiming for $200,000 & achived it’s goal with over 2,000 backers. Because of this, Complusion created a early access version for backers.

The Early Access Program 2016

Flash forward to Microsoft’s presentation for E3 & We Happy Few was announced to be part of the Early Access Program.

Early on in the games development, the main focuses were the survival elements & the story.

January 2018: The Price change

Before the eventual release of We Happy Few, Microsoft acquired Complusion Games and begin to back the release of the game; at the same time however, Gearbox Publishing had the rights to publish the game.

Complusion announced that the price for We Happy Few had changed from £25.00 to £60.00. Due to this many fans understandably kicked off and after receiving complaints Complusion took off the preorders and offered to refund anyone regardless of playtime.

With the price change it also came with a delay; Complusion would need more time to polish the game.

August 10th: The release & review

We Happy Few is available to purchase however to a mixed reception; Jim Sterling called it “a joyless broken disaster” compared to Ben Croshaw ranked it one of the worst games of 2018

Now that it’s been a year is it still okay?

I would answer this as maybe; Complusion has continued to fix the issues in the game however it’s taken over a year to fix most of them. They have released two DLC’s, 3 modes and one final DLC.

So is it worth the money?

No, it is not worth £60.00, maybe if that was with all DLC, but as it is not and the DLC each cost £7.99 or the season pass for £20.00 I recommend you wait till it’s on sale or buy it from a store for a cheaper price.

The game is available on Steam, PS4 and Xbox One.

We Happy Few PS4

We Happy Few Xbox One


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