Wasted Space #13 – Pre-Release Review

Wasted Space #13 Pre-Release Review: Michael Moreci(W), Hayden Sherman(A), Jason Wordie(C) and Jim Campbell(L). This review contains spoilers for Wasted Space #13


This issue picks right after the previous one where Billy and Fury being stranded in this unknown world while traveling in the Slip. Now, this is where the fun begins. Both Billy and Fury are now captured by this church club where they want them to be spiritually clean so they can enter the afterworld while Molly and the team are fighting with a superhero fraction which they encounter in the last issue.


This issue takes a step back in action, while we do have actions with Molly and the team, we take a deep dive in Billy’s morals and conscience. I’m always ready for some psychological factor in any comic, getting to know more what’s inside the protagonist’s head, his ideals, why he does what he does, it makes the story more interesting and compelling. When captured, Billy and Fury had a conversation about their ideals, that part was so amazing. I always said about Wasted Space that even though it isn’t set up on Earth (well next destination is Earth), every issue deals with real-life subject matters that anyone can relate to.

In this issue we deal with the nature of a being, Fury took the example of Dust explaining that our actions and decisions are based on who we are. We can be better like Dust who is not a 50-50 Qil Bot and Fuq Bot. He is a 100% Qil bot, embodiment of destruction but he is not like Fury. He made the decision to be better. This conversation was the best part of this issue.

Wasted Space - Bill and Fury conversation


Another subject matter that is explored in this issue is teamwork. Now we are with Molly and Dust fighting alongside the superhero team of Syra, Trident, and Tyran. Speaking of fighting, Sherman is at his best when it comes to drawing huge fighting scenes. He is really a consistent artist when it comes to big battles.


Molly and Dust find out about what it feels like to be working on an actual team. Also, Dust and Molly shared some moments talking about Billy which was also great. I know the main motive is to reach Earth but I really want to see more of this superhero team. Also, Rex was there. Sorry to forget about him but it seems like everybody forgot about him.


Final Thoughts

This issue like others was amazing as always. Billy and Fury’s scene was amazing. The action scenes were beautiful and as always the colors and background detailing are amazing.

SHJ Rating: 4/5

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