Venom: Why I Love It


I remember the first time I ever heard of the character of Eddie Brock. It was when I watched the Venom saga episodes from the 90s Spider-Man cartoon. When I heard Venom was going to be in Spider-Man 3, I was ecstatic. Finally my favorite Spidey villain on screen for the first time. But we all know how that went, he was barely in the movie. But now, two decades later, Venom finally gets his own solo film. So I’m here to answer the question on everyone’s mind, does it make up for Spider-Man 3? The answer is, yes.

The Writing

Nothing to write home about here, it gets the job done. Although every once in a while it gets really clunky. Eddie’s character isn’t like his comic counterpart, but that’s probably for the best. The character was not that interesting when he entered comics, but in this movie, there’s no real hint of the original Eddie. Nothing about his character is anything close to the comics, none of that Brock rage.

The story takes inspiration from the Lethal Protector comic. As someone who read the comic, they captured the tone of it perfectly. It’s the perfect mix of comedy and horror. Venom jokes around as he does in the comic, which is perfect. A lot of people see him and imagine he’s a super serious character, I can see why, but he’s actually very comedic.

The pacing was kind of weird, it felt like the movie needed another hour to get the pacing right, the first act is super long. The second act could have been slightly longer, and that third act was way too short, I blinked and it was over. I think the best part about the writing is the back and forth between Eddie and Venom.


The CGI is pretty iffy sometimes, especially during that final fight. The cinematography isn’t the best but it gets the job done well enough. The score for the movie is amazing, I personally love the Eminem song, it’s not super amazing, but its fun to listen to, my friends and I have been making memes about it ever since it was announced.

Why I like it

This is not a good movie, I need to make that clear. Venom is not amazing, it is incredibly average. Yet it was my favorite movie to come out this year, and that all comes down to the fun factor. I judge movies on two things, how good they are, and how much fun they are to watch. Venom is just a bunch of fun, a wild ride that you don’t want to end. It is the first movie I’ve ever come out of with a full smile, and the desire to write a sequel. Go see this movie, you won’t regret it.


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