These are the top 8 movies in MCU history, ranked in order by Aaron Matteos of Super Hero Junky. These are are Aaron’s favorite MCU movies ranked in order. Some of of these movies are pretty close but for the sake of not having a tie they are ranked as such. Additionally, a movie or two may have made the list because of significance. My 3 major components of ranking are 1. Significance 2. Plot/Story 3. Enjoy-ability. In the pending anxiety that Avengers Endgame bring’s let’s take a look at some of the best movies the MCU has put out to date.

8. Avengers – Age of Ultron

Psycho Murder Bot Heaven. The suit of armor around the world turned into a glitched artificial intelligence murder bot with lunatic tendencies. James Spader portrayed Ultron perfectly. The best part of the movie was the First Appearance of Ultron. “How could you be worthy, you’re all killers”. It still gives me chills and I’ve seen it at least 100 times. This movie also gave us Hulk Buster vs Hulk, which was absolutely amazing. Without Ultron, we would have not been introduced to the Maximoff twins. Nor would we have watched Hulk Drift off into space setting up Ragnarok.  Ultron showed us the mind stone being planted in Visions forehead. Finally it gave us the highly debated scene of Captain America lifting Mjolnir just a smidgen. Was he always worthy? Ultron sure wasn’t!

7. Guardians of the Galaxy

These five “A-Holes” came together in glorious fashion in what was the unveiling of the Power Stone. This movie gives us the foundation of Starlord and Gamora’s relationship. It gives us the foundation of Gamora and Thanos’ relationship. We also get introduced to Rocket, Groot and Draxx.  Not to mention Ronan the Accuser is a pretty bad ass villain. The connectivity of this movie is vital for the future of the MCU. The jail break scene was powerful enough to make us realize Rocket may just rival Tony Stark and Shuri when it comes to brain power. The closing scenes give us Starlord the Celestial and Baby Groot. What more could we have asked for 🙂

6. Captain America – Winter Soldier

Hail Hydra! Cap is back in his second movie, which proves he can be bent but never broken. The Winter Soldier is armed and dangerous. Cap deals with the fall of Shield in a historically important movie that sets up the MCU for years to come. Steve Rogers fights his oldest friend (Buckey) and meets his newest friend (Sam). He also makes an awesome enemy in Agent Rumlow, who eventually becomes Cross Bones. This movie is full of surprises, twists, trickery and deceit. Oh and can’t forget the cool cameo from Georges StPierre as Batroc the Leaper. They could have done more with this but hey, it was cool to say the least.

5. Black Panther

Wakanda Forever! I loved this movie. There was some small plot holes in my opinion but I’m willing to overlook them because the story was great. T’challa was good, Eric Killmonger was awesome. For me, Killmonger was the true star of this movie. I’m not really into the sympathetic bad guy but they did a great job making you feel Killmonger’s hate spawned through years of pain. The tech was absurd and Wakanda was beautiful and so were the Women of Wakanda! The story was shocking and climactic. When Kimmonger tossed T’challa off of the water fall I almost died.

4. Captain America – Civil War

This movie could be ranked higher but, I have it here because I’m also using importance of the sequence. We were introduced to Spider-Man and Black Panther in Civil War. We also saw Antman turn humongous or as Rhodey put it; “Tiny dude is big now”. It also gave us the super important division of the Avengers. Yes like Bruce Banner suggested, they broke up like a boy band. Civil War gave us one of the most climactic scenes in MCU entirety, in two phrases. “Did you know?” and “He killed my mom“.

3. Avengers – Infinity War

Oh snap! I loved this flick too! Obviously I love them all except maybe Thor Ragnarok, which was OK but disappointing. But #3 goes to Infinity War! Why? Thanos Baby! Thanos! If you didn’t like this movie you’re crazy. The bad guy one! Amazing. What was even better is The Truth about Thanos. Read it yourself! I loved a movie from the perspective of the bad guy. He may have been evil but he was fair. He deserved to win. This movie showed us that not everything has a happy ending, in a major way, OH SNAP!


2. The Avengers

The original Avengers movie was one of the most important movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Nick Fury was responsible for believing in and putting together the Avenger’s Initiative.  This is the first time we saw the Avengers Assemble on the Big Screen. Hulk and Thor fought each other. Not to mention Hulk smashed Loki which as hilariously awesome. This movie did something that no other Super Hero movie has ever done. The Avengers assembled and made MCU history!

1. Iron Man

Well what can we say other than Thank You Robert Downey Jr. The godfather of the MCU. The culmination of all movies to come in the Marvel Cinematic Universe started right here. I don’t car about Obidiah Stane being a less than formidable villain. I care about the introduction to the greatest character in MCU history. Without ths movie there is no Avengers Initiative, there is no Ultron, there is no Snap, there is no MCU, there is NO IRONMAN!


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