Top 35 Comics of the Decade (2010 – 2019)

The list everyone as waiting for: Top 30 comics that rocked this decade. This list was made possible by the amazing team at Super Hero Junky with a lot of comics suggestion but we minimized it down to the best 35 comics that made this decade memorable.

This list is provided to you by the amazing writers: Aaron Matteos, Alexa Andino, Dylan Dixon, Jacob Klave, Nazar F, Vince D and special thanks to Comicworld.

Note:  The entries consist of

  • The full span of a run
  • Multiple spans with same or different writers
  • Specific story arc
  • Multiple comics from a single writer

Because we love you (the readers) so much and love our comics indefinitely we here at SHJ wish you a HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!

Without further ado:

35. Hawkman

Talents: Robert Venditti(W), Bryan Hitch, Pat Olliffe(A)

Publication: DC Comics

Issues: #20(2018-)

Hawkman’s history was a mess and now this is a wonderful mess. Hawkman was one of the heroes whose history was scattered everywhere. And this series just put him back in map and told the origin of Hawkman. This wonderful story by Venditti unfolds lots of secrets that were lingering in Hawkman’s history. – Jacob Klave

34. Raven Daughter of Darkness

Talents: Marv Wolfman(W), Pop Mhan(A)

Publication: DC Comics

Issues: #12(2018)

Marv Wolfman takes on one of the most mysterious and underrated Teen Titans’ character, Raven. The story revolves around Ravn dealing with stuffs like every other teenager while struggling to solve mysteries of her sisters. This series is an amazing read. – Jacob Klave

33. Irredeemable 

Talents: Mark Waid(W), Barry Kitson, John Cassaday, Peter Krause, Jeffrey Spokes(A)

Publication: Boom! Studios

Issues: #37(2009-2012)

What happens when a Superman-like hero goes on killing strike? Enter Plutonian. He is a beloved hero, looked up by every citizen to every hero. An incident that changed everything. An amazing narration to find out what’s happened and what broke this hopefull hero to ill his friends and allies and the Earth he swore to protect. Easily one of. – Aaron Matteos

32. Ms. Marvel

Talents: G Willow Wilson(W), Adrian Alphona(A)

Publication: Marvel Comics

Issues: #19(2014 – 2015)

Even being a superhero comic it doesn’t feel likes a superhero comic at all. Life of an immigrant girl getting powers with Terrigen Mist made a lot of readers dislike it but this didn’t stop this comic to have a great story that will be enjoyed by those who related to the character or those who just want to read a good comic story. – Alexa Andino

31. Agent of Atlas

Talents: Greg Pak(W), Nico Leon, Pop Mhan(A)

Publication: Marvel Comics

Issues: #5(2019)

Jimmy Woo returns with a new team for the agents of atlas, first introduced in the war or realms crossover. The original team formed in the late 70s with different members. However, this team features Brawn (Amadeus Cho), Aero, Shang Chi, Swordmaster, Wave, Crescent and Io, Giant-Man, Luna Snow, Silk (Cindy Moon) and White Fox. The all Asian team, representing many different Asian countries, is a powerful image of diverse comic representation for all readers. The characters are fun, lovable and incredibly skilled and powerful. – Alexa Andino

30. Giant Days

Talents: John Allison(W), Max Sarin(A)

Publication: Boom! Studios

Issues: #54(2015 – 2019)

A story which has been told from 2015 comes to an end last year by John Allision. Allison is really a profound writer who is a master of witty humor and incredible storytelling. The story is about three best friends who went different ways after completing their college but can they make it to springs alive? This book has everything you need, beautiful illustration by Sarin, nail-biting adventure, unpredictable twits. As this book is a long read with quite a few fillers on the way a great comic starting to end. – Alexa Andino

29. Mister Miracle

TalentsTom King(W), Mitch Gerads(A)

PublicationDC Comics

Issues: #12(2017-2019)

Character deconstruction maybe not my favorite genre but this comic in particular stands out the most when we talk about character deconstruction done right. Scott Free tries to kill himself for his last spacing trick: Escaping Death. Did he escaped and lived a good life or he died and this was all in his head? A great story that also develops the chemistry between Barda and Scott that made everyone fall in love with these two is easily one of the best comics of the decade. – Dylan Dixon

28. Afterlife with Archie

Talents: Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa(W), Francesco Francavilla(A)

Publication: Archie Comics

Issues: #10 (2013-2014)

If you think Archie comics can’t fit well in the horror genre then you are clearly wrong. Roberto did an amazing job telling this beautiful horror tale of Archie and friends like anything before. If you are a fan of Riverdale show then you surely gonna love Zombies in Riverdale– Jacob Klave

27. The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl

Talents: Ryan North(W), Erica Henderson(A)

Publication: Marvel Comics

Issues: #8(2015)

Over the years, Squirrel Girl has provided so many laughs, so many clever moments, and so much charm and Ryan North’s entire run is certainly one of, if not the, best individual comics of the decade. Especially the ending of the run which is Issue #50 where readers will re-discovers why they embrace comics books and Squirrel Girl as a character in the first place: her heart, her humor, and her desire for true justice. This is truly one of the most moving Marvel books in many years. Rather than reinvent the character of Doreen Green for a modern audience, the duo instead embraced her oddities, crafting a read that’s plucky, weird, and downright awesome. – Comicworld

26. Gideon Falls

Talents: Jeff Lemire(W), Andrea Sorrentino(A)

Publication: Image Comics

Issues: #20(2018 – )

The duo that brought the amazing tale of Old Man Logan is back together to tell this gut thrilling suspense tale of a person who came to a town where he is finding garbage that supposedly belongs to from some other dimension. Jeff Leire is a genius in crafting amazing stories and world-building. – Vince D.

25. Hal Jordan and The Green Lantern Corps

TalentsRobert Venditti(W), Rafa Sandoval(A)

PublicationDC Comics

Issues#50(2014 – 2016)

The Green Lantern Corps are back. And they have joined forces with the Yellow Lantern Corps?!?! Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps is one of the best Rebirth titles and continues over a decade long streak of great Lantern stories. There is no better successor to Geoff Johns than Robert Venditti to tell the tale of the Lanterns. – Nazar F

24. Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye

TalentsJames Robert(W), Alex Milne(A)

PublicationIDW Publications

Issues#57(2012 – 2016)

The definitive Transformers book that expands the Transformer’s Universe furthermore. Full action packed and journey by Robert and the most detailed and detailed wonderful pencils by Milne leaves one speechless. Art on this run is so highly detailed and satisfactory it perfectly blends with the story Robert wants to tell. This makes the book one of the best comics of the decade not on this list but on everyone’s list. – Vince D

23. Amazing Spider-Man – Back to Basics

TalentsNick Spencer(W), Ryan Ottley(A)

PublicationMarvel Comics

Issues#1-#5 (2018)

My favorite comic series of the decade would be Nick Spencers run on the Amazing Spider-Man, particularly the first 5 issues which deal with Peter realizing he’s not allowed himself to be happy and how he’s allowed the success of Otto Octavius as him to further his own goals. He realizes that he needed to get back to his route and be better. I like how Nick Spencer solved all the issues that Dan Slott created within the first couple of issues. Everyone doesn’t hate Peter but the mistakes he’s made have burned some bridges. – Dylan Dixon

22. The Multiversity

TalentsGrant Morrison(W), Various Artists

PublicationDC Comics

Issues#9(2014 – 2015)

The Multiversity is not only a comic about comics but also a brilliant deconstruction of superhero mythologies while highlighting the publishers that profit from them. The series uses meta concepts like a cursed comic that the reader will be holding a physical copy of at some point. It then expands the concept and the meta of it all by establishing that comics about the alternate earth are written and read across the multiverse. And like most of the Morrison Comics, this is a confusing and sometimes baffling read, which I guess is pretty typical for a Morrison story.

Overall, it was a great way to solidify all of the potential stories and characters that DC could utilize at any point, and Morrison was nice enough to leave seven worlds unknown if someone decided to come along in the future and make their mark on the Multiverse. In the end, my advice, pick up this book if you haven’t already. If the art and story don’t amaze you then the DC version of the Avengers might amuse you. – Comicworld

21. Thor: God of Thunder – The God Butcher

TalentsJason Aaron(W), Esad Ribic(A)

PublicationMarvel Comics


Jason Aaron and Esad Ribic bring us this epic tale of a faithless God Butcher and the God of Thunder. Can the God Butcher carry out his mission and eradicate the Gods? Can Thor rise up to the challenge of the God Butcher? You will have to read this epic story to find out. – Nazar F

20. American Gods

TalentsNeil Gaiman, P Craig Russell(W), Scott Hampton(A)

PublicationDark Horse Comics

Issues#27(2017 – 2019)

From the proclaimed novel by Neil Gaiman comes this comic adaptation that still has the essence of the novel. This comic is different from regular comics as it is too wordy as its a direct adaptation from the novel but Russell knows what’s he is doing and does an amazing job of narrating the tale told by Neil Gaiman. – Dylan Dixon

19. Wonder Woman

TalentsBrian Azzarello(W), Cliff Chaing(A)

PublicationDC Comics


The New 52 Wonder Woman title didn’t escape controversies that came with New 52reboot. There are a couple of elements in this that some fans didn’t particularly appreciate, such as Diana’s new origin. But the kind of game Brian played with Apollo and Firstborn is always going to remember in the future. The way he mixed his Olympian Patheon with Game of Thrones aspect was truly worthy of praise. Azzarello’s story rediscovers Wonder Woman’s identity on a storytelling and meta-narrative level. – Comicworld

18. Batman and Detective Comics(The Court of Owls and Black Mirror)

TalentsScott Synder(W), Jock, Francesco Francavilla and Greg Capullo(A)

PublicationDC Comics

Issues#1-#7(Batman) and #871-#881(Detective Comics)

Two definite stories by Scott Synder will remain in the history books for best Batman stories of all time. Many may say these are hyped but it deserves all the hype. From all the titles from New 52, these two stand out most as some amazing stories of both Dick Grayson and Bruce Wayne as Batman. Stories that are easily the best comics of this decade. – Jacob Klave

17. Animal Man

TalentsJeff Lemire(W), Travel Foreman(A)

PublicationDC Comics


One of the most amazing writers taking o one of the most DC’s underrated characters is plain spectacular. The whole run is amazing but the first story arc: The Hunt is so amazing. Taking a deep dive in Animal Man’s psychology and telling an amazing superhero tale that competes with that of Grant Morrison. – Vince D.

16. Moon Knight

TalentsJeff Lemire(W), Greg Smallwood(A)

PublicationMarvel Comics


If you are a fan of psychological comics, good stories, Moon Knight and Jeff Lemire then this book is for you. Marvel’s most underrated superhero is back on the adventure inside his head. The fact that the reader asks himself is this real? on every page is the example of amazing writing with the magnificent art by Smallwood easily makes this book one of the best comics of the decade. – Vince D.

15. Vision

Talents: Tom King(W), Gabriel Hernandez Walta(A)

Publication: Marvel Comics

Issues: #12(2016)

Can a robot start a family? Yes, he can. Meet the Visions. Even they are synthezoid robots they show human emotions like love, hatred, sadness, broken. Tom King is a controversial artist but one thing everyone can agree on that this book is the most beloved and enjoyed run written by Tom King. This book is the epitome of storytelling. This run is a melancholic ride of sorrow and deprivation about a beloved Avenger who just wants to start a family. – Aaron Matteos

14. House of X/ Powers of X

TalentsJonathan Hickman(W), Pepe Larraz, R B Silva, Marte Garcia(A)

Publication: Marvel Comics

Issues: 6 issue each(2019)

These two series, completely correlated and necessary to be read together determine the X men’s future for now on. Delving into Xavier’s dreams and then coming true in the form of a mutant paradise Krakoa. These series lead to the Dawn of X series. Additionally, Jonathan Hickman’s writing and Pepe Larraz’s art together was completely spectacular. Hickman’s attention to detail and information overload is perfect for both beginner X men fans and life long fans. – Alexa Andino

13. Secret War & Fantastic Four

TalentsJonathan Hickman(W), Esad Ribic, Dale Eaglesham(A)

PublicationMarvel Comics

Issues#9(Secret Wars) and #570-588(Fantastic Four)

This is Hickman in his peak. Over a few years, he wrote one of the best comic runs ever. The end is coming but there is more to be done before everything dies. Watch as the heroes lose hope, fail and cross lines. But it’s okay to lose. They are just humans. However, don’t worry, God Emperor Doom is not just any human. A fantastic and emotional tale about the end of everything is brought to life by highly talented artists like Dale Eaglesham, Esad Ribić and more. – Nazar F

Hellboy - Comics of decade12. Hellboy in Hell

TalentsMike Mignola(W, A)

PublicationDark Horse Comics


Last stop of Hellboy, well chronologically. The very fitting end to the Hellboy saga told from the mind of Mike Mignola that will be marked for a generation to come. Hellboy is dead and now in hell, finding the unknown secrets which were part of his life and finally the reveal of his true origin. This classic by Mignola with his haunting art makes this book one of the best comics of the decade. – Aaron Matteos

Monstress - Comics of decade11. Monstress

TalentsMarjorie Liu(W), Sana Takeda(A)

PublicationImage Comics


Are you looking for a high fantasy book with a strong female lead? Are you looking for a great story with amazing art? Then this book is for you. Enter the high fantasy world created by Marjorie Liu & Sana Takeda. Maika Halfwolf, the protagonist has a mysterious psychic link with a power monster. Follow her journey as she uncovers the truth about the world. – Nazar F

10. Black Science

TalentsRick Remender(W), Matteo Scalera(A)

PublicationImage Comics


Reality is broken and now a team is set to explore the new realities within. They will travel from alien worlds to ancient realms to find their way home but can they? The amazing sci-fi adventure is presented by Remender with gorgeous artwork by Scalera will leave you amazed. This book is a pure definition of a fantasy adventure that will hook you to the last issue of the book. – Vince D

9. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle

Talents: Kevin Eastman, Tom Waltz, Bobby Curnow(W), Dan Duncan, Dave Watcher and various artist(A)

PublicationIDW Publications

Issues#101(2011 – )

A series that can be easily said to one of the best from start to end and never cheesed to entertain. Eastman crafted a great story that is being amazingly told by Waltz and later with Curnow. This series had some major changes in art but this doesn’t hinder from light-hearted and amazing story told by writers. If you are new to TMNT and want to read this, it may take longer but it’s definitely a great enjoyable read. – Aaron Matteos

8. Black Hammer 

TalentsJeff Lemire(W), Dean Ormston(A)

PublicationDark Horse Comics

Issues: #13(2016-2017)

The starting point of the Black Hammer universe spun by legendary writer Jeff Lemire telling the tales of golden age heroes who valiantly fought the Anti God but in doing so stranded in a place where they can’t go back to home. This book amazingly tells about the heroes and how they are coping with this new place. Jeff Lemire is an amazing world builder, taking from other universes and creating something of his own is nothing for a great writer like Lemire. This is a great start for the best superhero universe of the decade. -Vince D.

7. Harbinger/ Harbinger Omegas/ Imperium/ The Life and Death of Toyo Harada

TalentsJoshua Dysart(W), Various Artists

PublicationValiant Entertainments

Issues#25(Harbinger), #16(Imperium), #6(Life and Death of Toyo Harada)

Who is the hero? Who is the villain? Let the lines between the two blurs in Joshua Dysart’s four books saga about Toyo Harada, Peter Stanchek and his Renegades. A beautiful story of war, vengeance, betrayal, and love is masterfully illustrated by the amazing Rafa Sandoval, Khari Evans, Mico Suayan, Stephen Segovia, CAFU and more. Sometimes, the art quality might not be to your liking, but it’s perfectly fit for the story Joshua Dysart is trying to write. Great story, great art, great character development, and awesome fight scenes. What else do you need? – Nazar F

daredevil- comics of the decade6. Daredevil Vol 3 & 4

TalentsMark Waid(W), Paolo Rivera, Chris Samnee(A)

PublicationMarvel Comics

Issues#36(Vol 3),  #18(Vol 4)

Two runs which are basically one. As the story that is started back in 2011 by Mark Waid is one of the most incredible sagas of Daredevil ever told. Because this book has it all: great story, amazing character development, telling the story from light-hearted to some dark theme. With art by Samnee is most vibrant as ever. Easily making this book one of the best comics of the decade. – Dylan Dixon

Hawkeye - Comics of decade5. Hawkeye

TalentsMatt Fraction(W), David Aja(A)

PublicationMarvel Comics


Story of Hawkeye when he is not playing with avengers. A story that will remain one of the most innovative and extraordinary superhero stories of all time. This run started with the Clint Barton and ended up being Kate Bishops. This run made Kate Bishop a fan favorite as well as Clint Barton. With distinct and unique art by Aja makes this story one of the best Superhero comics of the decade. – Alexa Andino

invincible comics of the decade4. Invincible

TalentsRobert Kirkman(W), Ryan Ottley(A)

PublicationImage Comics


It started as Best Superhero Comic in the Universe and quickly became Best  Comic in the Universe easily. We are not saying it, the book said this for itself and we second that. This not only makes this book best in the decade but one of the best comics of all time. No amount of words can describe how much I love this book. Just start binge reading it. – Vince D

3. The Wicked + The Divine

TalentsKieron Gillen(W), Jamie McKelvie(A)

PublicationImage Comics


I am a huge mythology/fantasy fan and this book is right up in my alley. I loved everything about this book: the story, the concept, the art, the twist and turns, the suspense, everything. Even you are not a fan of mythology/fantasy this book still has to caliber to hook you up with its amazing storytelling and art. – Vince D

saga comics of the decade 2. Saga

TalentsBrain K Vaughan(W), Fiona Staples(A)

PublicationImage Comics

Issues#54(2012- 2018)

The good, the bad, and the ugly. Follow the story of a small family as they journey across a beautiful universe full of ugliness. Brian K. Vaughan’s world-building and writing in Saga is astonishing. And the character development is even better. Fiona Staples brings the beautiful, vibrant and ugly universe of Saga to life with her gorgeous art. – Nazar F

comics of the decade1. The Walking Dead

TalentsRobert Kirkman(W), Charlie Adlard(A)

PublicationImage Comics


The book that ruled this decade. From the most intriguing start to all the twists and turns, from the suspense at end of every issue to the heartwarming conversation with the survivors, this comic had everything #1 on the list of the best comics of the decade. If you want to binge-read a comic run with minimal of the filler then this is it. Even the filler issues had something to contribute to the main stories. This is how great and amazing this book is. – Aaron Matteos


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