Top 10 DC Comics of 2019

Firstly, 2019 is coming to a close and this is our list for the best DC Comics of 2019. This year was an amazing year for comics overall. DC had some truly amazing books. Secondly, for more DC love please check out our friends at DC WORLD on twitter for some awesome DC giveaways!

So before diving right into the list.


  • Books that are just released aren’t included
  • This is solely our opinion.

Notable Mentions:

The Terrifics: Gene Luen Yang(W)
Detective Comics & Justice Leauge Dark: James Tynion IV(W)
Flashed Forward: Scott Lobdell(W)
Book of Magic: Kat Howard(W)

Without further ado:

10. The Flash

Writer(s): Joshua Williamson

Artist(s): Christian Duce/ Rafa Sandoval/ Scott Kolins

Current Issue: #84

The only book on the list that completed its 80th issue. This book was consistent from the very start. Even with some downhill ride, it went back up nonetheless. Williamson knows this character well and other characters surrounding Flash. This book has seen lots of change in artists but it doesn’t affect the story at all. Simply one of the finest DC comics of 2019.

9. Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen

Writer(s): Matt Fraction

Artist(s): Steve Lieber

Current Issue: #6

This book is fun. Sheer fun. I was really skeptical about this book but I enjoyed this book a lot. This book is just silly. You don’t have to take this book seriously. It does deal with some pretty serious stuff but embraces comedy to bring it right back to silliness. Also, Lieber’s art is funny, bright and neat.

8. The Green Lantern

Writer(s): Grant Morrison

Artist(s): Liam Sharp

Last Issue: #12

Fan of intergalactic police adventure? This book is for you. This book is Morrison-ny. If you’ve read any Morrison book then you know what I’m talking about. Also, Sharp’s detailed pencils will leave you in awe. They are a perfect team. Dealing with God, multiverse stuff, no big deal. Amazing read.

7. DCeased

Writer(s): Tom Taylor

Artist(s): Trevor Hairsine & Stefano Gaudiano with James Sharren

Last Issue: #6

Loved Marvel Zombies? Then you’re gonna love it. Didn’t liked Marvel Zombie? Then chances are you still gonna like it. Because it was focused on the thing that Marvel Zombies lacked: the emotion. The feeling that the reader gets when a loved character gets infected is just inexpressible. This book is must read.

6. Batman/ Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III

Writer(s): James Tynion IV

Artist(s): Freddie E Williams & Kevin Eastman

Last Issue: #6

I can’t tell you how much I love this book. If you loved the previous two books then this is absolutely for you. It has that nuance from the earlier two books and also adds something of its own. The art is spectacular. Story? Even better. Bat-family teaming up with Turtle Family, what do you need more?

5. Last Knight on the Earth

Writer(s): Scott Synder

Artist(s): Greg Capullo

Last Issue: #3

This is by far THE best Batman book of 2019. Set in a post-apocalyptic world where all hope is lost and Bruce Wayne is made to believe that there is no Batman. If you like Synder’s book then you know his potential. This 3- issue mini-series is just pure perfection. Don’t forget about the splendid art of Cipullo.

4. Hawkman

Writer(s): Robert Venditti

Artist(s): Bryan Hitch/ Pat Olliffe

Current Issue: #19

This book keeps getting better and better. Hawkman’s history was rippled throughout the history of comics. Therefore Venditti amazingly put every incarnation of Carter hall into a beautifully orchestrated story that tells the untold origin of Hawkman. Every aspect of this book is great. Storytelling, scaling, art, narration. Everything.

3. Curse of White Knight

Writer(s): Sean Murphy

Artist(s): Sean Murphy

Current Issue: #5

Direct sequel of Batman the White Knight. Batman The White Knight  deals with the concept that what if Joker becomes sane? The book was amazing. And its sequel is amazing as well. Jack Napier is back to save Gotham. I can’t tell you any more without spoiling the book. This series can easily be the best comic of the decade. Easily one of the best DC Comics of 2019.

2. Doomsday Clock

Writer(s): Geoff Johns

Artist(s): Gary Frank

Last Issue: #12

December 18th. It marks the conclusion of this saga that has been told from the last 2 years as Doctor Manhattan has invaded the DC Universe. Even more, the suspicion is that he is behind the changes in history in the DC Universe. The main problem with this book was the delays in the release. But if you sit through and read the whole book in a single go then this is a beautiful love letter to the most beloved character in the history of comics.

1. Shazam!

Writer(s): Geoff Johns

Artist(s)Dale Eaglesman, Marco Santucci & Scott Kolins

Current Issue: #9

Another Geoff Jones book on the list, not surprising at all. Introduction to all the seven mystic lands, the relation between the Shazam family, the introduction of new and old foes, everything about this book was amazing. Switching art to differentiate between the world is also a masterpiece here. In my opinion, Geoff Jones is writing the script for Shazam 2 here.

If your favorite comics of 2019 aren’t on the list then comment it down below and tell us why you loved it!!

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