This is Wakanda

This is Wakanda

This is Wakanda! Wakanda Forever! We all saw Black Panther but did we all really see Wakanda!? Wakanda is a technological marvel, the eighth wonder of the world. It was the Batcave, Super Man's Ice Castle, Stark Tower, New York City, The Taj Mahal, Tokyo and Dubai all smashed together, but better! Despite some of the fake looking CGI background Wakanda was absolutely astonishing! One of my favorite parts of the movie was Wakanda itself. Let's dive into the best parts of the MCU's version of Asgard on Earth!

The Giant Black Panther Statue

All I can say is YES, YES, YES! The Black Panther Statue set the tone from the end of Captain America Civil War. It is the best statue in super hero movies yet. It totally blows away the Giant Superman in downtown Metropolis that Doomsday sent Clark Kent smashing through. The next best thing was the Giant Bunny that Tony bought Pepper. Even though that bunny was super entertaining, There Is No Comparison. Wakanda Forever!

The Technology

The Black Panther Suit, Kinetic Energy, the remotely piloted Super Cars and Royal Jets, Spears that are more powerful than nukes and last but def not least a force shield that surrounds the country. I'm not forgetting about the medicine that heals all fatal wounds or the watches that zoom people in real-time like a 6 inch life size toy version of themselves, you have to be freaking kidding me right!? Did I mention Vibranium and some weird purple juice from a flower that gives a king the power of the Black Panther!?How about the Kings 90 pound little sister with hand held black panther lazer cat weapons. I don't even know what to call them! There's just to many, oops, maybe I forgot some. Wakanda Forever!

The Beauty

Wakanda was just super gorgeous from the buildings to the art work to the waterfalls. A technological savant surrounded by beautiful green peaks and valleys. It was like the Egyptian Empire was revived combined with Ancient Rome and placed in the Garden of Eden in the year 3099. How about a closer look at the most beautiful places in Wakanda. Wakanda Forever!

The Warrior Falls

OK, so I didn't know what they really called it. Google told me, I was going to call it the The Falls of Challenge. Does it really matter? When Killmonger tossed Tchalla over the side my heart jumped into my throat. I knew he couldn't be dead but damn, I sure felt like he was for a second. Regardless of the death defying revival and stomach turning toss take a look at this place! It's absolutely stunning and amazingly gorgeous!

The Afterlife

Purple skies, black panthers in trees and dead kings. It was like Tchalla in Wonderland. The tree reminded me of a larger version of that wicked awesome, expensive and rare Bonsai tree Mr. Miyagi and Danielson planted on the side of a secluded Japanese Mountain. What more can I say? Take a look at the beauty of a place where dead kings sit in giant bonsai trees in the form of ravenous black panthers waiting to be visited by there sons after drinking purple super power flower juice. Like I said Tchalla in Wonderland. Wakanda Forever!

The City

This is Wakanda, We have Vibranium! Sure do, and lots of it. The CGI of the these buildings from the distance was awesome. It truly looked amazing. El Dorado in Africa. Not a joke. Wonderfully amazing and technologically sound. There was one scene in Infinity War when Black Panther was greeting Captain America and Wakanda's background looked well, kind of fake. I'm willing to overlook it because it was in Infinity War and the budget was probably already busted. Saving money on a 10 second CGI scene in Wakanda just makes sense. Regardless of the Infinity War folly, Wakanda City was in simple words, dope! Wakanda Forever!

The Sunset

Poor Eric Killmonger. Nah Just Kidding I kind of like how he took himself out, dude has balls! He also did it in front of what was the most beautiful sunset in the world. A sunset in Wakanda is like placing a golden egg on the other side of a peephole. OK, not my best analogy but how many times can I say gorgeous and amazing. What's truly awesome about the sunset is that the best view of it lies at the feet of the giant black panther statue. Ironic? Maybe, but what it really is, is down right stupefying! How about that adjective for ya!? Wakanda Forever!


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