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The Unstoppable Wasp: Goodbye to Another Short Lived Comic Series

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The Unstoppable Wasp, aka Nadia van Dyne, written by Jeremy Whitley is a cute, fun comic; while also touching on very important real issues that push this comic series from simply a lighthearted fun read to a must read. Unfortunately, the comic series has recently ended with only 10 issues in this volume.

A little about Nadia

unstoppable wasp

As seen in the comic book introduction of Nadia she has a powerful story. From being held captive in the infamous Red Room, escaping and then to using her knowledge and experiences for good by creating an organization known as G.I.R.L. (Genius In action Research Labs) to promote girls in STEM; The Unstoppable Wasp is truly unstoppable. Not to mention an amazing role model for the upcoming generation. Series like these intrigue those of all ages and teach an especially important message to the younger female readers of comics.

It is revealed in the series that Nadia suffers from bipolar disorder and includes another very important topic: Mental health.

unstoppable wasp

Another key part of the series was Nadia’s quest to find her family and any relatives she had. Including yet again a valuable moral on the importance of family and friends.

unstoppable wasp


This series includes cameos and roles from so many well loved famous heroes and characters. Mockingbird, Daredevil, Tony Stark, Tigra and the Young Avengers are just a few examples.

My message

Series like The Unstoppable Wasp are so important and deserve support and fans. If series like these don’t receive recognized even after cancellation or after ending then we aren’t doing our jobs of sharing the great and interesting things we read. That is my purpose here today to give you a small rundown of why I think the Unstoppable Wasp is legendary, despite it being smaller and less known. I hope this encourages you to go and read the 2019 series. Perhaps, also maybe checkout the previous volume of Nadia from 2017; The Unstoppable Wasp: G.I.R.L. Power (The Unstoppable Wasp (2017).

Furthermore, the support of series like these means Marvel and other comic publishers will continue representing the underrepresented for example. There is so much diversity and it touches on equality that wasn’t evident in many comics in the past and still isn’t in the present.

A look to the future

Keep your eyes out for an upcoming series entitled Future Foundation written by Jeremy Whitley that will not disappoint. The series includes many interesting characters and a now grown up member of the power pack. Below is a little snippet about one of the characters that has a role in this series.

Check out the link for the entire Kindle Edition Series of The Unstoppable Wasp (2018-) (Issues) (10 Book Series) right here!

…or the complete The Unstoppable Wasp (Set) comic book series!

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