Spider-Man Peter and Miles

The real reason why MCU Peter Parker is so successful

As any Spider-Man fan can tell you, there’s something different about the MCU Peter Parker version of him. Of course the staples are still there: Aunt May, high schooler, nerdy and a bit awkward, and of course the abilities. The major difference is that we do not know about Uncle Ben. It is hinted he existed in their lives and possibly passed away as the traditional story goes (Seen in Peter using a suitcase with the initials of Uncle Ben in the early trailer for Spider-man: Far From Home). The MCU run of Spider-Man did not include his exact origin story. Instead, we are thrown into Spider-Man’s world post spider bite.

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Introducing Miles Morales Spider-man. Miles is similar to Peter but has very distinct differences that make him unique and interesting. However, the MCU is taking some of his plot line and characteristics and giving them to their Peter Parker. Miles is a half African American and half Puerto Rican Spider-Man. Thus, he is an important hero and role model to many minorities and allows the audience (In the case of the animated award winning movie Spider-Man: Into The Spiderverse) and readers to have a hero that is similar to them and/or looks like them.

Clearly, Peter Parker has hundreds of comics to base the movies off. There is no reason to steal the aspects of Miles Morales, an under appreciated diverse hero. This is essentially erasing Miles Morales. However, It hasn’t reached this point yet but if this continues it is essentially like the MCU has Miles Morales in a white washed form.

Here are some of the similarities:

1. Ned acts and looks too similar to Ganke for that to be a coincidence.

2. Peter’s mentor relationship with Tony Stark is all too similar to the Miles and Tony dynamic.

3. Rumors and speculation of an appearance of Amadeus Cho in Far From Home. For those unaware, Cho is a friend of Miles Morales and they are on the Champions team together.

Realization or Simply a Joke?

Surprisingly, in a recent Spiderman vs. Deadpool comic, Miles says an iconic line from MCU Peter Parker. Is this just a coincidence and them letting a different spidey have this line as a joke in the comic or are they acknowledging the similarities between the two?

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