The Incredibles – Supers For Children


The Incredibles – Supers For Children

The Incredibles are Super Hero’s for children, little ones. Don’t get me wrong, this Super Hero family is very entertaining for adults as well. What makes them so special is undeniable. Unlike most Super Hero movies nowadays these Supers have a more relaxed feel associated with their big screen sensations.

Mr. Incredible

My favorite of course is the dad, why wouldn’t he be? We have a lot in common. I have 4 kids, he has 3, we both are family men that work day jobs and are super by night! Well, my 5 year old seems to think I’m great anyway! He puts the I in Mr. Incredible, well at least the first capitalized one anyway! He has Super strength and is pretty much indestructible. He’s like the cartoon suburban version of Luke Cage except he’s tied down to a family, which makes him that much more a like-able character.


Elastagirl has powers similar to Ms. Marvel and/or Plastic Man but she’s a wife and mom. She’s down to earth, level headed and always puts her family first, just like all super moms should. She also packs a pretty mean long range punch and can adapt her body to fill any form to include boats and parachutes. We all just love how she is so “flexible.”


The oldest child of Mr. and Mrs. Incredible has Jean Grey and Space Ghost hybrid like ability. She can throw up a force shield and disappear into thin in. Violet is an otherwise love-able teenage character and pretty good big sister. She’s just a normal kid that fights with her siblings but fights the bad guys when she has too.


Who’s faster Dash or Flash? I’ll go with the latter however my 5 year old would argue that I am wrong. Who really can tell anyway? The 7 or 8 year old speedster can run on water! Now that’s flying. He’s just as cocky as he is fast and his antics are quickly entertaining. See what I did there?

Jack Jack

The Baby! I have yet to see his powers in full effect, I’ll be sure to write more about him once I actually watch the 2nd movie. Looking forward to it, so are my kids. Jack Jack appears to have every power in the book and he can’t control them yet. Lazer eyes, animality, speed, power you name it. He’s like Firstorm, Beast Boy, Cylcopes and a few others smashed together and tossed in the body of baby boss. Jack Jack is going to be a super villains nightmare!


“Honey where is my Super Suit!” Who doesn’t love Frozone? He’s Iceman with an afro! The hero is best buds with Mr. Incredible and seems to always be around when they need him most. Sliding around on frozen patches of ice is pretty cool, don’t ya think!?

Be sure to check out the Incredible movies when you can, the first one was awesome and the second one should be out on digital HD and blue ray very shortly. Don’t forget to get your kids the Lego Incredibles Video Game it’s pretty awesome and will keep them entertained for hours! Thanks for reading and be sure to come back soon!

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