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I just finished watching The Flash, the CW TV series seasons 1-4 and I want to write about it! As a kid, The Flash was always my favorite DC character. I obviously like the show if I'm all done with the series. There are very few spoilers ahead so if you have considered watching The Flash but aren't sure keep reading this article. I promise I won't give away any secrets, just some general knowledge that any Flash fan should already know.

The Back Story

A young Barry Allen's life changed completely when his mother was murdered and his innocent father was convicted of the crime. Detective Joe West adopts Barry into a loving home, yet he's a single father parent already raising his daughter Iris West. Barry becomes a crime-scene investigator dedicated to learn the truth about his mother's death. A particle accelerator heralded as a world-changing invention explodes and Barry is simultaneously struck by lightning. He awakes from a coma nine months later with the power of super speed and emerges as The Flash. Barry learns that others have gained super powers and use them for evil. He dedicates himself to protecting the innocent from evil Meta Humans.

The Hero

Grant Gustin is amazing as The Flash. They couldn't have found a better person to play the Super Speedster Hero. The Flash is a dedicated, concerned, loving hero. The twist they put on him was amazing and really makes him feel human. Well, he is human, however most versions of The Flash rarely show the compassion Barry Allen is constantly displaying. Most super hero's are always in super mode however Grant Gustin's version of The Flash is vulnerable. Every season and every episode brings a new issue that Flash and his team face. Every choice that Barry Allen has to make is difficult and he doesn't always make the right call. I love that he interacts this way, it really makes the show about more than just his super powers.

The Cast

The Cast and Team Flash are great. Obviously some of the members are affected by the particle accelerator explosion and up with Meta Powers. I promised no spoilers so I won't give any details about who and what. However powers or not the team is really awesome. There's a couple geniuses in the crew, a dad detective, the love of Barry's life, some super friend cameos, super cool villains and some super hot ladies.

The Show

Overall it's a really good show in my opinion. Sometimes the start of the seasons are slow and sometimes they don't give us what we want. But sometimes they do, which is why I keep coming back. Unlike the co-series TV show Arrow, it's not as redundant and much more believable. Overall it's pretty entertaining and has just the right amount of believable suspense. Just when you think there isn't anything else they can do to keep an audience entertained they introduce a timely plot twist, some new CGI or (spoiler) a new trick by The Flash. Looking forward to the new Season. See Season 5 Trailer here. Thanks for Reading!




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  1. I love this show but sometimes it’s a little much. They make Flash too vulnerable, he’s a super hero and should handle some of these bad guys a lot easier than they make it in the show.

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