“The Carnage Symbiote Purified & Multiplied: A Junky Theory.”

Written by Orutakawa Teng’a’


The Premise

We will be exploring what I believe it would take to cleanse the red goo of chaotic death. I will not be using the method used by Space Knight Venom.

The Beginning of Chaos’s End

Cletus has been caught and Carnage is forcibly removed from him. Unfortunately, the process is fatal to the killer of many. Some agency like SHIELD takes the symbiote into custodial vaulting. However, the Carnage symbiote will be kept secure for some time until SHIELD believes it´s safe to experiment on it.


The Cleansing Begins

After some time, someone who understands the concept of symbiote regeneration will start trying to cleanse Carnage through science. Part of the experimentation would be to isolate a part of Carnage and force mitosis while subjecting the regenerating symbiote to pleasant peaceful stimuli. In addition to that a second experiment would be sonic envelopment. This one tying to literally bass drop the evil out of the symbiote sample.

Firstly, a version of Spider-Man with a symbiote will get his hands on a sample as well; perhaps the one from “Beyond The Spider-Man Web of Shadows Dark Ending” which you can read here. Secondly, his efforts will be to find the right host with a relentless drive for protecting innocents for Carnage to be cleansed by being bonded to.

The Carnage becomes Benevolent

Somehow both cleansing methods work:

The scientist’s pure Carnage bonds with a mortally wounded Elektra, reviving and strengthening her.

Spidey’s host of choice for his purified Carnage is Daredevil; who becomes even more hyper-observant, but never has normal sight returned.

The pair connect on the street patrolling for crime, spar a bit, and find themselves attracted to each other something fierce. Long story short they become attached at the hip and do almost everything together from then on.

The Motto of the Carnal Pair

“An undying lust for justice and our reignited love compels us to do all we can” echoes loudly in their hearts and minds making them relentless vigilantes. Without a doubt the pair would also work to do great deeds when the Carnage isn’t needed. I would hazard to say the two would marry fulfilling the needs of Matt’s spirituality. Make no mistake about it; DareCarnage & Carnektra will be a pair of benevolent brutal bruisers.


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