Villains That Deserve a TV Show More Than Loki

As many know, for some reason, Disney is giving Loki his own TV series on their streaming platform, Disney+. Also for reasons unbeknownst to me, many are excited for this. I don’t understand. Loki isn’t that great, at least in my opinion. There are so many other villains that are a much greater fit for a television series. Here are a few of my picks.Eaglemoss

Dr. Doom

Dr. Doom is a scientist turned sorcerer turned time traveler turned Silver Surfer turned leader of country turned Beyonder turned good guy turned world conqueror turned Hell demon turned world-saving genius turned Dark Illuminati turned Iron Man. Need I say more? As you can see (and if you know the comics), there is easy tie-ins with Scarlet Witch, and if Loki is absolutely needed, Doom seems to visit Asgard a lot.

There is talk that there will be a Dr. Doom movie in the MCU, last I heard the script is finished, but why wait?


Crime dramas are popular. And who doesn’t like a gritty gangster/mobster story? It could be like the Godfather or something. The struggle of power in the streets and shadows. The fight to be the crime boss of Marvel. We could see Hammerhead, Osborne, Chameleon, and so many more villains could be introduced to the MCU in a Kingpin show. And have you seen the Marvel/Netflix Daredevil show, Kingpin is pretty awesome.


A shape-shifting hitman. One of my favourite Marvel women when I was little. Mystique would be an absolute badass in a show. Maybe a few visits from Black Widow? Perfect tie-in for the upcoming movie. And yes, that could work, the Loki series is expected to help set up the upcoming Thor movie; Love & Thunder.


You may have heard that the villain of the Black Widow movie will be Taskmaster, and you may wonder whom that is… well, he is none other that a bow-and-arrow shooting, sword slashing, shield wielding, gun slinging, lasso throwing, dart tossing, nunchuck twirling, club beating, master combatant, genius who is also a very awesome mercenary and villain trainer! So yeah, he’s that awesome. ‘Nuff said.

Brotherhood of Mutants | Hellfire Club

I clumped these two together, not because they would be the same show, but because they would carry the same concept; try shoinge a bunch of bad people in one house and let them be. Aye! TV thrives on shows like this. For example; Big Brother, Kardashians, Jersey Shore, Survivor, etc. So this would be a big money winner for Disney.

Disney, Can You Hear Me?

All in all, the point was to show that Loki is not someone who needs a show. Now, of course, Disney is going to make it, they’re riding the hype train. People like Loki for some reason, and they’re going to milk that till it is dead and then some.

What are some villains you think should shine on television?

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