Superman Smashes the Klan #3: Review

Superman Smashes the Klan #3

Sadly Superman Smashes the Klan comic series comes to an end. This 3 part series undoubtedly has an amazing and fulfilling ending but I yearn for more of its kind. This series is the epitome of what superheroes are meant to be and display the huge impact they can have on our society.

Superman Smashes the Klan #1 and #2 sets up a heart warming, thought provoking and mind blowing story that is concluded in issue 3.

Superman’s Most Powerful Identitysuperman smashes the klan

Superman finally comes to terms with his alien identity after hiding it, afraid. This page and concept contains a very powerful message. Superman is an immigrant and fights for everyone.


Lois Lane

superman smashes the klanThe creators portray Lois amazingly especially in issue 3. Lois is strong, intelligent and independent. I love seeing how calm she is during intense moments in this issue. Additionally, this issue shows how Superman and Lois have feelings for each other and I think that was portrayed beautifully.

Roberta Lee and Jimmy Olsen 

These two are a great team that get it done. They are fearless and help superman through tough scary times dealing with the serious threats from the KKK. Roberta also has a huge role in encouraging Superman to truly use his powers to full capacity and stop holding back because of the publics’s opinions.

 superman smashes the klan


I’ve continued to enjoy this character because he has such an interesting perspective. His uncle is a leader in the KKK and he is learning how evil his uncle is. This is a harsh wake up call. He proves that despite what you’ve brought up with you can change your mind to what is right. You are in control of your beliefs.

Superman And Me, Part 3

Notably my favorite part isn’t the comic part it is the historical part in the back. It was a fascinating coincidence that a figure mentioned Stetson Kennedy, who used his white privilege to infiltrate the KKK and help minorities, is from my hometown. I just recently learned about him and the huge civil rights movement in my area. I think this comic, while being fictional is still an important story because the radio show actually impacted the civil rights movement. The radio show in the 40s hurt the KKK and educated people on racial problems.

“Some believe that Superman’s radio defeat of the Clan of the Fiery Cross led to the real-life Klan’s public image downfall“. 

My Thoughts

Without exaggerating too much this series is honestly one of the best out there. I think it has the most important message and proves how educational and powerful comics can be. Comics are fictional but can have a huge impact on our society. Don’t pass up this series because of the cutesy art (which is fantastic in my opinion) or because its too political and real. This series is a crucial read in the history of comics. The fact this story hasn’t been adapted to a comic already is almost unbelievable but I am glad it finally is and had the perfect creative team to do so.

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