Super Lois Lane & Co: A Junky Theory

Written by Orutakawa Teng’a’


The Premise.

We will be exploring the possibility of Lois Lane becoming a Pseudo-Kryptonian through some means. I will also be discussing the creation of a Superfam that I think would be a great long term unit.


The Transformation of Lois.

Lois is shadowing Supes as per usual. Unfortunately, this time she falls, mortally injured. After all conventional & unconventional medical treatments fail Clark gives her a blood  transfusion overcharging her. She recovers experiencing a birth of powers similar to what Carol Danvers experiences in many Marvel continuities.

At first she’ll try to supress her new found abilities; then something will happen requiring her to make her power known. She’ll take a costume and an identity; perhaps “Superwoman.” From then on she will join Kal in his calling as a hero.

A Superfamily is Formed.

After larger threats arrive seeing Superwoman’s debut and effect on villains a new group must be formed. From National City Supergirl comes to Metropolis to join her cousin & cousin in law which starts that ball rolling. A while later Lois, Kal, & Kara get a surprise join by a “permanently Shielded” Superboy aka Connor Kent; which makes the threats bring even more to bear. ain the middle of a massive brawl Powergirl aka Karen Starr arrives giving the Superfam another boost in manpower.

Next Steel aka John Henry Irons, The Kryptonian (or The Defender) aka Val Zod, and The General aka a repentant Aunt Astra. & a lanterned Lena Luthor (or whoever is in a relationship with Kara) will join in on a permanent basis. Krypto & the Justice Pets, perhaps Miss Martian, an Outlaws Bizarro, & others will guest star to provide aid as needed.


Grand Mission of The Superfam.

This is a heroic ensemble that brings a family aesthetic to their affairs whether or not on the job. Their operations are staged from the Fortress of Solitude to make for a better sense of family security. Plus the Superfamily will also try to aid in non-heroic world saving efforts. It would probably find itself using the same motto as Spider-Man does without knowledge of Spidey given the fact that they exist in different Multiverses.

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