Storm and Snikt: A Junky Fan theory

Written by: Orutakawa Teng’a’

The Premise

For this one I am going to theorize what would happen if Storm and Wolverine got together and created a blended family.

The Pre-Events

In this universe the rise and end of the Storm and Black panther marriage & X-23+ program will run concurrently. These events will net Ororo her son Azari & Logan his binary clones Laura, Gabby, & of course Akihiro Howlett better known as Daken. These events will happen concurrently.


The Main Events

Storm and Wolverine would once again find themselves working together as X-Men. A familiar old spark sets a wildfire of passion between them. The two would inevitably wed after the Ororo and T’chala marriage is annulled. A blended family will be “born” leaving Azari, Laura, and Gabby getting along famously as stepsiblings. Akihiro on the other hand will find contempt over Ororo and Azari; finding a loving acceptance by his motherless family.

The Munroe-Howlett sect of the X-men might “break off”, for lack of a better term, creating a new organization; within the Xavier umbrella of hero groups. Since Storm and Wolvie are married they’d “try for baby” bringing Kendall “Torrent” Howlett into the world. Perhaps even bringing a couple more super-mutant kids into being.

I could see the standalone enemies of Storm, Wolverine, or the older kids might team up to take on this family of powerhouses. Which enemies might come together? Enemies of Black Panther like Ulysses Klaue, Zodiac, Killmonger, etc. might be going after Azari as vengeance against Black Panther. Going after the kids for Storm could be the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, Abraham Cornelius, Billy Briggs, and any ex-Morlocks.  Coming at the kid gang might be Daken, Sabretooth, Lady Deathstrike, Weapon X rejects, and the Silver Samurai; in proxy attacks of Logan.

The Way of the Electrified Claw Fam

This family would be one that deals with the bruisers of the evil mutants, mutant-phobes, & otherwise enhanced threats against mutants and normies alike. The family would also be one that possibly finds a synthetic Healing Factor drug that could be given to Ororo and Azari to give them a more level playing field against Daken, Sabretooth, and other natural Healing Factor equipped foes.

The Munroe-Howlett family would also be Avengers & Junior Avengers team members. The kids could bounce around helping the Secret Warriors team with America Chavez & Squirrel Girl as members between family, general X-men, Avengers, etc. missions. Since Azari is the heir apparent of Wakanda he would have his half/stepsiblings be part of Wakandan diplomatic affairs to stabilize relations with the outside world.



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