Spider-Man Noir: An Important Interpretation

Ever since I played Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions, I’ve been obsessed with Spider-Man Noir. From his look to his stories, he’s one of my favorite things in comics, period. So with Into the Spider-Verse coming out soon, and Noir being featured heavily in it. I thought it would be the perfect time to look back at my favorite alternate take on Spider-Man.

What Makes Him Stand Out

Spider-Man Noir is set in the great depression. Uncle Ben was murdered and eaten alive by Vulture. Peter found his corpse and later gets revenge by killing the Vulture. Establishing him as a Spider-Man that kills, although we never really see him kill anyone else. Maybe that was the only time he ever killed someone, or maybe he does still kill people. It remains unclear.

He’s still 15, unlike in the Spider-Verse movie, and at times can be brutal. He scares the shit out of criminals, kinda like Batman. He feels the since that everyone is too afraid of the Goblin to do anything, it is his responsibility to stop him. He’s angry because no one will do anything, the people in power can’t use their power responsibly.


He has all the powers of the original Spider-Man. Plus organic webbing (That’s black for some reason), and the inability┬áto feel pain, as shown when a bullet grazes him, and he doesn’t feel it. Spider-Man Noir also carries around a revolver, just in case.

Why Do I Love Him So Much

I like darker, and weird take’s on characters we all know and love, and Spider-Man Noir is probably one of the darkest takes out there. Robbie gets lobotomized by Doc Ock, Felicia almost got┬ábeaten to death. He tries his hardest to make the world safer, yet everyone he cares about suffers.

That’s the tragedy of being Spider-Man, he will always try to make the world a better place, no matter the personal cost.


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