Spider-Man: Far From Home Teaser Trailer Breakdown

This morning we got an official look at Spider-Man: Far From Home with the release of the first teaser trailer. Lots of great footage so let´s break it down!

(Warning: This breakdown might include spoilers so be warned)

The teaser trailer opens with Spider-Man and May Parker raising money at a homeless shelter. Although it is not confirmed why May is there, we can speculate that they´re drawing inspiration from the Spider-Man PS4 game where she worked for ´F.E.A.S.T´, a homeless shelter in New York. In  the next shot we see Happy Hogan dropping by with a big check for the charity, seemingly flirting with May. According to rumors the two of them are going to start dating in this movie.

In the next scene we see Peter packing for his school trip to Europe. After buying things at Mr. Delmar´s shop, the deli owner from the previous movie, he swings through New York. Here we get a look at the old Stark Tower under construction. Who could be the new owners? Oscorp? The Fantastic Four? We might find out in this movie.

The next shot shows Peter picking up his passport, followed by May asking him if he packed his suit. It appears that he doesn´t want to take his suit with him, stating that “Europe doesn´t need a friendly neighborhood Spider-Man”. He closes his suitcase and goes to the airport. If we take a look at his suitcase we see the initials ´BFP´. This could be the old suitcase of Peter´s uncle, Benjamin Franklin Parker.


The next few clips show Peter and his friends on their trip in Venice. There appear to be some hints at a romance between Ned and Betty. In this scene we see a boat behind Ned with “asm 212” on it. This is a reference to Amazing Spider-Man #212, the first appearance of Hydro-Man. Bet you enjoyed that Easter Egg!

S.H.I.E.L.D. Recruitment

Peter tells Ned that he wants to spend more time with MJ but Ned gets knocked out by a tranquilizer dart from Nick Fury. We don´t get too much context but it appears that Fury recruits Peter for a secret S.H.I.E.L.D. mission. After that, we get a shot of the black and red Spidey suit in action at the Tower Bridge in London.

We also get a look at another suit in the trailer, the S.H.I.E.L.D. stealth suit (inspired by the Spider-Man Noir suit).

The Elementals

The next few shots show a lot of different action pieces of the movie but all of them have something in common, ´the Elementals´. The Elementals seem to be 3 element based creatures based on classic Spidey villains like Sandman, Molten Man and Hydro-Man.

Another theory by @getFANDOM on Twitter suggests that the Elementals are based on completely different characters, Magnum, Hellfire, Hydron and Zephyr.

Enter Mysterio

At the end we get our first full look at Jake Gyllenhaal as Quentin Beck aka Mysterio, of course with the classic fishbowl. He fights Hydro-Man and we see his amazing costume and some spectacular visuals.

My Theory

So now that we broke down the whole trailer let me speculate why the Elementals are there and why Mysterio is fighting them.

In the early comics Quentin Beck wanted to become a superhero after not getting enough recognition as a visual effects artist and stuntman in Hollywood. He makes a plan to steal the spotlight of one of the most famous superheroes, Spider-Man. With his tricks and illusions he frames Spidey for things he didn’t do, turning the citizens against him. I think Marvel will use a similar story with a little twist to fit it into the MCU. The Elementals could be a big illusion by Mysterio to make it appear that he saves the day multiple times, making him a famous superhero. Hungry for more fame he creates bigger threats only he can stop, risking the lives of innocent civilians. If Iron Man dies in Avengers: Endgame, Mysterio´s motivation could be to take Tony Stark’s place as the most famous superhero in the world.

Let us know your thoughts below!

You can watch the full teaser trailer here:


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