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Spider-Man: Far From Home Review

Spider-Man: Far From Home is one of the best Spider-Man movies so far. It’s the perfect addition to the MCU. While having lots of expectations to live up to, releasing after the movie that changed the world Avengers:Endgame, the movie was a hit. Cinematically stunning, funny and a great story-line, it has it all.

Life after Endgame & the death of Tony Stark

The movie shows the life after Endgame, adapting and moving on. Now, the death of Tony Stark is still something that heavily influences the world and Spider-Man. He left Peter looking for another father figure and Happy without his best friend. A major scene that plays on this is the one where Peter is working on a new suit. “Led Zeppelin” as Peter says is playing in the background which is actually Iron Man’s iconic ACDC tune. far from home

More of MJ

We get to see more of her character and how she differs from the traditional MJ. She is more awkward, less “popular”, more sarcastic and more universal for today’s audience. They have an evident connection and a cute relationship. Key moments being: Peter giving her the Black Dahlia necklace, MJ calling Peter pretty and her acknowledging that he is Spider-man. 

far from home

She likes him for Peter and not necessarily for Spider-man which is a difference between the typical Mary Jane and MJ. Nonetheless, the movie stays true to the comics in which she is a great match for Peter.


Jake Gyllenhaal undoubtedly gave a stellar performance and Mysterios backstory was nothing sort of intriguing. His character stayed very true to comics where he is simply deceiving, manipulating and creating illusions. The effects during Mysterio’s illusions were stunning. The scene with the glass breaking and Peter falling down reminds me of Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse as it looks similar to the interconnecting web of the spiderverse and when each spider person fell down into their world.


The movie played on the fact that Mysterio could be from a different earth and introduced the multiverse only for it to be false. However, the multiverse is confirmed in Doctor Strange by the Ancient One which was highly overlooked. 

End Scene Credits

1. Skrulls

This was a complete shock. Talos disguising as Nick Fury the entire time is the ultimate plot twist. Essentially, anyone else could be a skrull. The skrulls may have a bigger part in the future movies or at least more appearances.

 2. J Jonah Jameson! and Spidey’s identity revealed

Yes, the actor J. K. Simmons plays as J. Jonah Jameson in Spider-Man: Far From Home and the original Tobey Macguire movies! Jameson is a classic iconic character and paying homage to the original movies with the same actor brought on major nostalgia.


I had the opportunity to watch the movie while traveling in Europe for the first time which made my experience even better. I was far from home while watching far from home. The movie tied in little aspects of the cities such as pigeons literally being everywhere that I could now relate to. far from home

Spider-Man: Far From the MCU

The Sony and Marvel/Disney dispute is leaving fans with lots of questions and little answers.

  • How will the MCU continue on when clearly Spider-Man’s story is well webbed (pun intended) into the overall arc?
  • Will Sony continue with Tom Holland, who Stan Lee said was the perfect Spider-Man?
  • Will the corporations ever stop being more greedy than Norman Osborn?
  • Our only solace? Comics!

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