Sony Steals Spider-Man

Shop Spider-Man: Far From Home apparel at FifthSun.com.As news swirls around the Sony vs. Disney Spider-Man debacle; I can’t help but wonder what’s really going on here? Is it really just about money? Did some rich CEO piss in another rich CEO’s cornflakes? I’m guessing it’s all about corporate greed. You know, my share isn’t as big as your share kind of stuff. We can only imagine as we wait for the two movie making conglomerates to sort it out. Here’s a couple of possibilities or at least some pretentious and ridiculous SHJ fan theories.

1. Sony Wants to Monkey Wrench the MCU

Could this be possible? Does Sony want to see the MCU crash and burn? Maybe a failing MCU opens the door for a Sony revival. Is it possible Sony sees an opportunity to steal Disney’s Thunder? There has been speculation by some fans that the MCU Spider-Man isn’t the real Spider-Man. Could this be the chance they have been waiting for? Who knows, I have no idea, do you?

2. Sony Has Plans to Use Spider-Man in the Venom Series

Venom saw lots of success. I would be willing to bet introducing Venom’s arch nemesis would be a blockbuster event. Sony is dying to pursue that I’m sure. Imagine if they kept Tom Holland? Talk about an MCU Thunder theft. Maybe bring back Andrew Garfield for a Sony Spider Revival.


3. Spider-Man 4

Stop Don’t Shoot! I’m just the messenger. With that said, my twitter news feed has a new Tobey Maguire love fest every time I scroll through. Spider-Man 4 is a flick that thousands, maybe millions of Raimi fans call for on the daily. Sony hasn’t delivered it to them yet, however.

4. It really is About the Dough

This is most likely the true scenario. Money over everything, even Spider-Man apparently. But isn’t it fun to consider any other hidden agendas that may be possible? I think so. Maybe it’s time for a Spider-Man Noir Movie!


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