Soda Party Network – How a Superhero/Horror Animation Studio was Born

Shop graphic tees, tanks, and hoodies at FifthSun.com.Most of us enjoy cartoons and anime. It’s a simple formula. A villain appears, the hero saves the day and every thing goes back to normal everyday living, right?

Well, what if your favorite DC and Marvel superheros lived in a Dystopian multiverse.  All of your heroes were broken due to the dark forces of evil ruling their personal lives and world. Imagine Daredevil wanted to commit suicide because his parents had divorced when he was a kid. Add the lack of self-doubt and self-esteem and negative thoughts; all at the same time. Imagine broken heroes being on the run from monsters, zombie outbreaks and losing friends along the way. Or what if Iron-Fist was trapped as a skeleton in a cave of skulls like the Catacombs of Paris… all while being a slave to the Taskmaster. What would our favorite superheros do next?

It’s a Soda Party!

Enter Soda Party Network Animation Studios.

When Netflix cancelled my favorite shows: Daredevil, Iron-Fist, The Defenders and The Punisher; I needed to get my fix somehow, Hmmm… As a fellow contributor for the #SaveDaredevil community I decided to create an animation series inspired by Daredevil and Iron-Fist.

Dead Darrell

Thus, “Dead Darell: The Kid without Tears.” was born!

I imagined my characters living in a Cyberpunk world like Blade Runner with crime and grit. Also, just to make it a little extra exciting I’m going to add horror elements into my story lines for the entire Dead Darell series.

This won’t be your average Saturday morning superhero cartoon show, kiddies. If you’re a fan of the horror-genre and superheros then, Dead Darell will be for you.

Dead Darell, is an interactive series. If you’d like to come along for the ride and have a little fun, please do. I’m taking requests for future, Dead Darell, episodes. What Villains/Superheros would you like to eventually see in this new animation series? Which ever character gets the most popular demand I’ll create an inspired character and add him/her to the series!

I’ve added a couple of snippets for your enjoyment. Next months Super Hero Junky featured blog post will show you an exclusive behind-the-scenes look into the world of, Dead Darell: The Kid without Tears. Thank you for your support and interest and I’ll see you on the next blog post!

Here are a couple of clips:

And here’s an other upcoming featured villain:

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