Silver Surfer: Black Review

Silver Surfer: Black is a 5 part miniseries bringing a new perspective to the classic character. Silver Surfer is iconically known for being affiliated with the Fantastic Four.

Donny Cates

Donny Cates is a personal favorite of mine for so many reasons and I keep finding new reasons as time goes on. I have personally seen him in person at a comic con and even got the chance to meet him. Fun story: At a game panel he participated in which involved filling in the blank of whatever phrase the moderator said. For example:Moderator: “With great power, comes great ______” and the contestants and fill in the blank with anything not the real answer it should be. Donny Cates filled out one of the phrases, with his wonderful sense of humor, with the word Fart. At the end of the panel he asked who wanted his fart with his signature on it. I stood up so quick and waved my hand in the air and was the lucky one to receive his signed fart. This is now my prized possession.

Let it also be known after a panel he gave out signed doodles of Venom to kids who didn’t win any prizes during the panels.

Donny Cates has the ability to take you to another world when reading his comics. Every time he works on comic a dream team forms with him and artist because the story truly is perfect each time with the art and words completely in sync.

1st Issue

Key highlights:

  • A great introduction into the plot
  • Ends at a cliffhanger that leaves you wanting more
  • An incredibly heartfelt, tear jerking letter to the fans from Donny featured below:

silver surfer:black

2nd Issue

In all issues, the artwork by Trade Moore is mesmerizing and articulate with many psychedelic colors. However, this issue blew me away with it in particular. Below are some examples of the artwork from the series that particularly stood out to me other than the other pictures already shown:



Also in this issue I noticed some motifs in Donny Cates writing which is basically summed up by his love and passion for symbiotes. This issue focused on the symbiote god Knull which is a key part of Cates other big series and event occurring which is none other than Absolute Carnage.

3rd Issue

This issue gives more insight to Silver Surfer’s background specifically that he feels more himself with the name of Norrin. As each issue goes on, we get to see the tragedy he encountered, caused and is now trying to stop. The  backstory of his love is introduced and Donny Cates tweeted that everything he writes about love involves and is related to his love for his fiancé. silver surfer:black

This issue also brings more interactions between Ego and Silver Surfer. Ego is a young planet currently and is not the evil villain I expected, he is willing to help Silver Surfer and repair him. However, the twist being that Ego is suffering and need help himself. We then get to see a marvelous display of the Silver Surfer’s powers as he dives deep into Ego’s core. What is waiting for him makes you desperately want the next issue and for the story to continue. What is found is none other than the cosmic incubator of Galactus! 

4th Issue

The fourth issue:

-Prepares for the arrival of Knull.

silver surfer

-Illustrates interactions between Silver Surfer and Galactus unmasked and between Silver Surfer and a Watcher.

silver surfer

-In general, is another great issue with amazing art and writing.

5th Issue

Undoubtedly, the perfect ending to an amazing mini series. There are too many aspects of this issue that I love, but simply cannot include them all because they are best experienced by the reader on their own. The one thing I must focus on is the homage to the original silver surfer displayed below:

My Overall Opinion

5/5 stars: ★★★★★

This whole series is visually stunning and incredibly interesting. Another incredibly written series by Donny Cates. Also, Silver Surfer: Black has an amazing team overall that makes the story come to life on the pages seamlessly effortlessly. I recommend this series as one to read!

I personally cannot wait to see more of Donny Cates in the future. In fact, NYCC announced that Cates will be writing the upcoming ongoing Thor series in 2020!

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