Raven: Review of the first DC comic I’ve read

Yes, I have never read a DC comic until now while technically this is more of a graphic novel. The Teen Titans have always been a favorite of mine since I grew up watching the TV show on Cartoon Network. The comics seem to be a bit more complicated to me, with other members but I really only wanted the ones I was familiar with and loved already. Raven is a DC Ink graphic novel re telling and reinventing the story of one of the Teen Titans. Here is my review: SPOILERS AHEAD!


Raven has lost her memories after her adopted mother passed away in a tragic accident and is now with her aunt and cousin Max, who becomes her new “sister” after bonding. Raven’s struggles are vividly shown and when she finds a strange red necklace they grow. Raven starts encountering her powers but dismisses them as hallucinations and trauma from the accident. Trigon is haunts her in her sleep. Raven is not the only one with secrets however, her aunt and Max are well versed in the spiritual and voodoo with unique powers themselves.raven


The story focuses on her empath powers and astral projection. The astral projection depicts her soul leaving and exploring in the shape of a raven and s beautifully drawn and colored. 


The story also focuses on the fact that Raven cannot feel much or she will have to face the consequences. If her emotions get out of control as does her powers and her denial of Trigon. He will start to control her as she becomes out of control of her emotions. Below is a description from DC about this very issue: raven


I adore Gabriel Picolo’s art style and the color choices in this graphic novel are heavily symbolical. Most of it is black and white and color is only on certain parts. Most likely this represents the state of Raven’s mind and situation in general.



I literally could not stop reading the graphic novel. I sat down and read it all so intrigued with the story. While clearly I am no expert on the DCU or Raven I feel after my search into her origin story and basics that it stays true to Ravens struggle with her father Trigon. While also introducing Slade at the end, who is a known villain for the titans.

The difference among stories of Raven is her upbringing and background. In this story she gets dropped off at a church and taken in and cared for. Her “mother” passed away and she now stays with her aunt and new sister. In other stories her mother Arella is in love with Trigon and has that relationship with him, this is not true in this graphic novel. This story adds that human adopted family even though in other comics Trigon wants Raven to grow up in the human world. Thus, being similar to other comics. 

Overall, Garcia and Picolo successfully created a new look into Raven for diehard fans and beginners into DC.

More to Come

The last few pages of the graphic novel gives a sneak peek to the next story: Beast Boy (AKA my favorite Teen Titan)!

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