Raven Gets a Ring On It: A Junky Fan Theory

Written by Orutakawa Teng’a’

The Advent of Ringed Heroes & Villains

A new dark lantern corps appears requiring all but the White & Black Lanterns to recruit a large swath of new members. One recruit is Raven, the daughter of Trigon.

Everyone’s Expectation

Due to her powers being a fearful sight to behold from the perspective of villains; it’s natural to assume that she’d be a Yellow Lantern. If not Yellow, then Green could suit, because of her willpower over her father’s energies.

At absolute worst, she might be recruited to the binged out roid ragers; the Red Lanterns. “Why Red?” you ask. It’s because of the suppressed rage within her.

More Likely Reality

In reality, she’d be hunted by an Indigo Tribe staff with no wielder. The great compassion she has for innocent life that makes her try to keep the portal within her closed is what brings the Tribe to her. It’s also her internal archon of compassion that “screams to the staff.”

With her new found boost in powers, Raven would onslaught the new, threatening Lantern Corps with Lantern Constructs enhanced with Azarathian spells trying to influence them to be compassionate. She’d also be able to use less of daddy’s cursed energy during other than lantern vs lantern fights.

Post-Ringing Philosophy

Raven’s philosophy wouldn’t change all that much; however, she’d find herself being less restrained in showing outward happiness. She’d slowly become a far more extroverted Raven as she spends time with her new tribe. She could even be motivated to serve as a mediator between races on the brink of hostile action.

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