Persona 5 PS deal and why you shouldn’t miss it

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Persona 5 PS Deal and why you shouldn’t miss out

Persona 5 is a JRPG created by Atlus and was released in 2016 in Japan and then 2017 for the rest of the world. It became Atlus’ most popular game in the West and Japan.

How I was introduced to Persona 5

Christmas day 2018, I open my presents and behold Persona 5 (at this point I only saw the game on shelves).

I started installing the gane not knowing how I was gonna lose 100 hours from this majestic gem.

This matters because?

The Persona series has strived for relatability and a strong cast of characters; anyone who has played a Persona game can tell you how a school sim can be so engaging & enjoyable.

Firstly one reason for this is because it’s story has been crafted with such care that they will take 5 to 6 years just to make it perfect; it has no plot holes, has twists and turns while maintaining that you are the protagonist. For a game that runs around 100 hours you’d think it wouldn’t be that good yet Persona 5 subverts that idea and instead takes you on a crazy ride.

Secondly the UI design (User Interface) was created in such a way that navigating it isn’t a chore but it’s visually pleasing while being simple to use and figure out.

Thirdly the gameplay; the gameplay is in a style of most JRPG’s but in a more modern time fighting sense.

Look at gameplay here for refrence:

Others opinions on Persona 5 

Now it’s all well and good listening to my opinion but here’s some other people’s opinions for each person except Evan (who gave his opinion) I asked 7 questions:

  1. When did you first see/get into Persona?

  2. What was your first reaction towards the series?

  3. What do you dislike about persona?

  4. Thoughts on the anime?

  5. Any personal improvements you’d add to the games?

  6. Your opinion on Persona 5 the Royal.

  7. Sell Persona 5 in 100 words or less

First Interview: Evan Filarca

Evan Filarca (@EvanFilarca)

It embodies everything that a JRPG should and surpasses all expectations set forth afterwards, all while innovating the standard formula.

Even beneath the artistic style & fun battle system, lies a compelling story about friendship and self-exploration.

It’s simply a masterpiece.

Second Interview: Cian

Cian (@Cianprime1)

Question 1

I found out about the series when the main character Joker or Ren or Akira whatever his name is was announced to be in smash bros ultimate as the first dlc Character.

Question 2

It was something odd at first because at the time I had no clue what it was and I did think that joker looked ridiculous but overtime the design grew on me and used it as my profile pic for some time.

Question 3

The fusion system is something I don’t like but eh I got over it since it’s a pretty neat system.

Question 4

If the team had enough time and effort it could’ve been a great adaptation but it was sorta rushed. But hey at least I got some sweet reactions from the animation.

Question 5

Well I wouldn’t say I want improvements that’s something Atlus will decide but I would like some more powerful personas and to keep the unique UI.

Question 6

I’m so freaking excited for persona 5 the royal. Once the preorders go up it’s gonna be a day one purchase from me.

Final Question

It’s a great JRPG and it embodies school life and social life perfectly which the other 2 games did. It’s also a beautiful way to show how beautiful Japan is and how corrupt some of the society is with bad people & even some dark subject matter which is very surprising. All and all it is a game you should play and keep forever. Do play the dancing game since that is kinda fun.

Final Interview

Today In Persona 5 (@TodayInPersona5)

Question 1

After getting my PS4 the summer after it came out, I decided to get a PSVita too; I remember looking at a shelf of games at the store & randomly deciding Persona 4 Golden was worth a try. I had never heard really heard about the series.

Question 2

I was incredibly surprised that I hadn’t heard much about it before playing it. Most of my days were playing through the story and started New Game Plus immediately. I loved it and wanted more! Of course, after that I got all the new games at launch with limited editions! The Persona 5 release was probably the most excited I had been for a game in years.

Question 3

This series is meant to follow teenagers through all of the struggles they face in school and in life and show how they overcome them; Persona does a great job at relating to the people who play it and reminding us of our own struggles and empowering us to push ahead. That said, the Persona series has a poor track record with LGBT themes. I.e. where gay men are seen as predators, as a series that is meant to show the problems of teenagers, it is unfortunate that it doesn’t show any LGBT scenes in positive light; that said, I understand the political climate for these issues is much, much different in Japan. At the very least, it would be better to show nothing at all than something hurtful.

Question 4

I haven’t seen it in its entirety, but I will say that it was a bit disappointing to me. The Persona 4 anime was incredibly faithful while also being clever and funny; I wish Ren had a bit more character. To be fair, I haven’t watched the whole series.

Question 5

For the most part, I wouldn’t change much of the story but I would add a few quality of life changes; little things like the ability to turn auto-text on and off without going to settings, new infiltration tools and more opportunities to make them would be great as well! An option to disable Ryuji’s auto-kill ability would be another nice implementation.

Question 6

I am super excited for it! I’m trying not to look too deep into it, but everything I’ve seen is great. More story, more characters to interact with, more palace to explore. More Persona 5 is exactly what I want, and that’s what we are getting!

Final Question

Persona 5 is undeniable proof that turn-based RPGs are still alive and well. Even setting aside the undeniably entrapping story and the complex and lovable characters, the gameplay is still entertaining, rewarding, and incredibly stylish, enough to stand on its own. Persona 5 vastly improves upon the repetitive and plain dungeon design from Persona 4 Golden though the music is just as beautiful, just a bit more jazzy! Now when you consider the brilliant story and characters, Persona 5 becomes one of the greatest games of this generation; be prepared to spend a lot of time making new friends; growing bonds, and fighting demons over the course of a twelve-month in-game journey, one day at a time!

Final Thoughts

Persona 5, (personally) is an amazing story while having some negatives such as Representation and lack of talking from the main character.

While it has negatives it has a overwhelming amount of postives; and is a game of this generation.

Persona 5 is currently available on PS4 for $13.99 & £15.99.

Persona 5 – PlayStation 4

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