Everything You NEED to Know About: Gwenpool

Who is Gwenpool?

gwenpoolGwenpool aka Gwendolyn Poole. Yes, you read that right and no, it is not Gwen Stacy. Gwenpool is a mix of Gwen Stacy (appearance wise) and Deadpool (Personality/attitude wise). Arguably she is one of the coolest and best comic book characters for many reasons.

1. She breaks the fourth wall and literally breaks past the comic panels to for example shove the villain out of the panel (to the gutter) so they can no longer do anything bad.

2. She is a comic book fan and uses that to her advantage.

gwenpool panel

Gwenpool was from our earth and got transported to an earth with the superheroes (a really interesting idea dealing with the multiverse) with her extensive knowledge on their secret identities, origin stories and villains. This is her power as she does not have any actual super powers.

gwenpoolI feel like everyone can relate to Gwenpool she is a huge fangirl over the heroes we love such as Miles Morales Spider-Man, Ms. Marvel and Jane Foster’s Thor.

3. When she saw a little girl dress up as her for Halloween, she follows her as she grows up until her death (as Gwen doesn’t get older as quick as the minor characters).

At times Gwenpool is labelled as insane, mentally unstable and just plain crazy for believing her life is simply a comic book and well using violence to fight crime. I feel this moment in her comics really demonstrated how human she is and how she isn’t what people think.



Some Comic Book Appearances

First Appearance: Howard the Duck (2015) #1


Her own series: The Unbelievable Gwenpool (2016)

This consists of 25 fun filled issues

She has also had small appearances/ roles in the following:

One a variant cover of Deadpool’s Secret Secret Wars (#2)

In Champions (Vol. 2 Issues #4 & 5)

A Christmas special of her own

A team player? In West Coast Avengers

The artists did poorly with Gwenpool. Her skin was literally pink, her body seemed anatomically incorrect. However, there were many aspects of this series that describe her character and adds to her overall arc. Such as her relationship with Quentin Quire (Kid Omega) and the fact she started gaining some powers in this series. She fit in nicely with the other members, showing how valuable she is and talented as a hero.

What does the future hold for Gwenpool?

I hope Marvel includes Gwenpool in more series and possibly another series of her own. Gwenpool is my favorite comic book character. Yes, she’s a bit weird, quirky and kills when she isn’t supposed to but she’s different and unique. Marvel should definitely continue with Gwenpool and characters like her.

However, despite the fans that exist it is not exist. It’s this reason West Coast Avengers was cancelled. Some heroes are quirky, weird but fun and lovable. Many times people don’t give the characters like these a chance.

New Mini Series in AugustGwenpool strikes back

There will be a 5 part miniseries “Gwenpool Strikes Back” by writer Leah Williams. Leah Williams advises not to pay much attention to the solicit description as it is only a way to advertise Gwen for approval by Marvel and a way to intrigue those who aren’t already fans.

Leah claims she will use the past characterization of Gwenpool and move forward to add to it properly and hopefully create a new series that her fans will love and one that will make more people fans.

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