Multiversal Salvation Team


Dr. Strange

Written by Orutakawa Teng’a’

Enchantress BayonettaThe Premise

For this one, I am simply going to pick who I believe would serve as the reaction force against a threat that unites a universe from each comic book publisher’s multiverses seeking to feed on the devastation of the duplicate energies trying to balance.

multiverse catastrophemultiverse catastropheThe Event

On a day nigh like any other, new buildings appear tripling, quadrupling, quintupling, etc buildings already in existence, but the combination causes massive ruptures in those areas. Somehow it is discovered that an entity similar to Galactus, the Anti-Monitor, and similar “eaters” from the other multiverses has created the catastrophe to feed off of the destructive energies. A smattering of heroes and villains will gather to fight this villain.


multiverse catastropheWitchbladeThe Force to Save the Universes.

The Mystical fighters will be Doctor Strange for his light side magics, June Moon’s Enchantress will give the team dark side magical abilities, Bayonetta will be GunFu-ing and demoncloth-ing her way through the frays, and Spawn will be the one with the Necroplasmic weapons and his own brand of mysticism.

The logistician will be a flying armored Batman.

The tacticians for this event will be Wonder Woman and the Steve Rogers Captain America.

Wildcarding the event will be the Pezzini Witchblade, Spider-Man, Green Arrow, Tank Girl, Black Widow, & Beast Boy.

Cruising for inflicting bruisings will be Hellboy, She-Hulk, Wolverine, Superman, & Luke Cage.

Pulling technical, aka, cyber support will be Cyborg and Rocket Raccoon.

And lastly for environmental control would be done by Storm, Aquaman, Mera, & Squirrel Girl.

Green Arrowmultiverse catastropheThe Results

Hopefully the team will successfully undo the disastrous merging of realities. After which the characters should return home.

Birthday in a Box

The Question

Do you think I picked the right team?Black Widow

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2 thoughts on “Multiversal Salvation Team

  1. Good article, man.

    What’s gun-fu? Also, what do you mean by wildcarding?

    What’s the Pezzini Witchblade?

    I like that you used a pic of Chris Reeve’s Superman. Always one of the best.

    I wasn’t sure Wolvy made sense for the bruisers compared to other options, like Steel or Thing, but his healing could come in handy.

    How does Squirrel Girl help environmentally?

    Beast Boy could definitely help, due to the sheer range of animals he can transform into.

    What kind of skills/abilities does Tank Girl have?

    Is the threat just similar to Galactus and Anti-Monitor?

    I think you could’ve gone into a bit more detail on how each team would take down this threat.

    But it’s good work, man, keep it up.

    1. Thanks Robbie, let’s point by point those questions outline style.

      Gun-fu refers to dancing around martial arts style whilst firing/handling guns.

      Wildcarding means to attack in novel ways unlike others.

      The Pezzini Witchblade is the most notable eitchblade host Sara Pezzini.

      Squirrel Girl has the unique ability to communicate with squirrels and related animals, so she’ll have cleanups and limited barrier rebuilding covered.

      Tank Girl has shown something similar to technopatic powers and is a quick study when it comes new and ridiculous weapons.

      The threat would be an equivalent to Galactus & the Anti-Monitor.

      All of my listed heroes would be serving together as a unified force against the threat.

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