Most Anticipated Comics in 2020

So 2019 ended and we are here in 2020. 2019 was maybe one the biggest year for comics in general. And 2020 started with a blast too. The first day of the year started with New Comic Book Day and there is no better way to start a year than this. 2020 looks like a promising year for comics as well. So here it is Most Anticipated Comics of 2019.

Age of Khonshu

Release Date: TBA(Possibly between Feb and April)

Publication: Marvel Comics

I’m a huge Moon Knight fan and 2019 may not be the best year for Moon Knight but this year may start as a good one. Hinted on the pages of History of the Marvel Universe #6, this was the first event in the row that means it will happen before Empyre and Outlawed event. Before, rumors are that Jason Aaron has plans for Moon Knight. Whether it will be part of his Avengers series or a solo book isn’t confirmed but it is a great start of the year for Moon knight fans.

Batman and The Batman’s Grave

Release Date: Currently ongoing

Publication: DC Comics

2020 will be an amazing year for Batman. Its titles are on hand of two amazing writers. With Warren Ellis on The Batman’s Grave & James Tynion IV on Batman title, Batman’s future looking bright. While The Batman’s Grave focuses on Detective lore of Batman and Batman’s main title will focus on Gotham. If you are along time or even a new Batman fan, you can’t miss these books.

Beyond the White Knight

Release Date: TBA(Maybe fall of this year)

Publication: DC Comics

Sean Murphy’s creation hit this list another time as Curse of White Knight was also the pick for Most Anticipated Comics of 2019. Hinted by Sean Murphy himself on Twitter confirming that it is the sequel to now ongoing Curse of White Knight which looks from the title is maybe the last series of this trilogy. I loved White Knight and I am loving the current Curse of White Knight and I couldn’t be any more excited about this.

Canto & the Clockwork Faries

Release Date: This Summer

Publication: IDW Comics

I Loved Canto. This comic was on my favorite Indie comics of 2019. And Canto is back with a one-shot releasing this summer to continue his journey to restore his people’s heart. This one-shot is followed by another 5 issue mini-series. I’m really excited to see how this story unfolds. This makes this book easily one of the most anticipated comics of 2020.

DCeased Unkillables

Release Date: February

Publication: DC Comics

DCeased was easily one of the best comics of 2019. The book was amazing. It was a 6 issue mini-series that dealt with what happens heroes couldn’t stop a zombie apocalypse. Which ended with the heroes and civilians leaving the planet but happened to the villains? This question will be answered in this 3 issue monthly series. So call your LCS and put this in your pull right now.

Fire Power

One of the most anticipated comics of 2020 - Fire Power

Release Date: May

Publication: Image Comics

I loved all of the previous Robert Kirkman’s work, Invincible, The Walking Dead, Oblivion Song, Marvel Zombies and many more. This book is about Owen Johnson’s journey to become the first person to wield the lost art of throwing fireballs to save the world. Image released 10 pages preview. After reading these pages it felt like it had the potential to be a long going series like Invincible and The Walking Dead. Also, this book is where artist Chris Samnee will return to the world of comics after a 2-year break. Read the preview here!

Justice League Dark

Release Date: February

Publication: DC Comics

I was of a huge fan of Ram V’s work on These Savage Shores. That book is full of fantasy horror that needs to be in this book. I’m currently enjoying Tynion run but I’m excited for Ram V to pick up this book from #20. Also, I’m a fan of Animal Man and he will be appearing in this issue so what not to love. This book is easily one of the most anticipated comics in 2020.

Norse Mythology


Release Date: 27 May

Publication: Dark Horse Comics

If you already haven’t read Neil Gaiman’s one of the best novels, read here. I am a huge mythology fan and I loved the novel. I’m excited about this 18 issue book to see how it unfolds. The original novel had 16 chapters about tales of Norse Gods but the comic has 18 issues. My assumption is maybe the last chapter i.e., Ragnarok will be done in more than 1 issue or some chapter which are bigger than others like The Mead of Poets and Thor’s Journey into the Land of Giants will be done in more than one issue. Some top creators of the game will be joining him like Mike Mignola, P Craig Russell, Dave Stewart.

The Resistance

One of the most anticipated comics of 2020 - The Resistance

Release Date: 18 March

Publication: AWA Studios

This book is one of the most anticipated comics in 2020 for 2 reasons. First, veteran comic book writer J M Straczynski is making his comeback to the world of comics and second, it reinvents the ideas of superheroes. It would focus on how superheroes would be in the 21st Century.  This 6 issue mini-series will lay the foundation of the shared superhero universe of AWA Studios. Superstar artist Mike Deodato Jr is joined to give some of the most amazing art.

Strange Academy

Strange Academy #1

Release Date: 6 March

Publication: Marvel Comics

Marvel first-ever Magic shool is here in 2020! This comic is about young magicians from across the different realm who are here to learn mystic arts under Sorcerer Supreme, Doctor Voddo. The Ancient One, Scarlet Witch, Magi, Hellstorm and other magicians of Marvel Universe. The magic of Marvel Universe will be spotlighted and the magic world will change rapidly than anticipated.

Strange Adventures

Release Date: March 4

Publication: DC Comics

Superstar duo of Tom King and Mitch Gerads who brought the amazing tale of Mister Miracle, which made #1 at our Best DC Comics of 2018 list, is prepared to bring another tale of the most underrated character of all time, Adam Strange. With the addition of another Amazing artist Doc Shaner to tell this amazing story about the hero of two worlds.


Release Date: TBA

Publication: Image Comics

Scott Synder and Jock’s Wytches will be back in 2020 as mentioned by the writer himself. Wythes was an amazing horror that was released in 2014 and after 6 years we are getting a sequel (possibly). The details on this haven’t been released but still, this is amazing news for horror fans and fans of Wytches. And this makes it one of the most anticipated comics of 2020.

So which of these books you will pick up? Is there any other book you are excited about? Let others know in the comments.

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