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The MCU has given us a lot of villains and have killed off a bunch too. There are some villains that we think are dead or have been gone for so long they have been forgotten. Let’s run down the list, shall we?


Last we saw Abomination, he was laying on the ground with a chain wrapped around his neck… Alive. That’s right, the 2009 Incredible Hulk film, remember now? We can only imagine his current whereabouts. Maybe stashed away by the government in a floating prison or one buried in the depths of the ocean. He’s not dead and maybe he makes a reprieve visit to the MCU.


The last time we saw Whiplash we assumed he died when he set all the drones to self destruct. We didn’t actually witness him explode, however. Ivan Vanko is an evil genius and if anyone could have escaped or planned an escape from near death it would be him. Tony Stark built a miniature arc reactor in a cave with scraps. Ivan built his in a third world garage while drinking a fifth of vodka with a parakeet. Dare him to drive?

Ronan The Accuser

Did we see him die? Are you sure? I swear he died, right in front of my eyes. Starlord used the Power Stone to blast him into pieces, didn’t he? Or… Maybe, just maybe, when he exploded into that purple lightning he was sucked into the Power Stone. Look Again, that’s what I saw. Gamora slapped the cover on the orb trapping Ronan in it. Possible? I think so…

Justin Hammer

We know he’s still alive, last we saw him he was heading to jail. Hammer Tech has always been a sub-par nuisance to Tony Stark. He could make a comeback, couldn’t he? Why not recycle this villain? It would make sense, he’s got the money to make it out of prison and even if he didn’t get off I’m sure his sentence is most likely up. It’s been a long time since he went to prison (Iron Man 2, 2010). It would make absolute sense to bring him back, I don’t know say in Iron Man 4. How about that? If Tony makes it through the “End Game”, maybe all his former foes return to gang up on Iron Man. What better person to be on the opposing side of Tech.





You’re Afraid.. of Death… You’re the last One We all saw The Vision kill the last Ultron robot, ending him forever, didn’t we? Well… Actually, we didn’t. After Vision’s “I was born yesterday” comment, the last Ultron robot lunged at him and then, we saw the sky light up from what we all thought was the final blast from the mind stone in Vision’s forehead. Vision is the most compassionate Avenger to date. He admitted he didn’t want to kill or destroy Ultron, but felt it had to be done. Vision thought Ultron was “unique” or special. He even pointed out that Ultron was in pain or “hurting”. All Marvel needs to do is give us a flashback to that scene in the woods, and show us the mindstone engulfing the Glitched Psychotic Murder Bot that is the Ultron program into the mindstone.  Totes Possible!

 The Ancient One

Yes, she’s dead, but is she really gone? You can never discount an astral form, except maybe Loki’s. So sad, poor Loki. Anyway, The Ancient One has been making deals with Dormammu and drawing power from the Dark Dimension for centuries. It’s not out of the realm of possibility that we don’t see her again, even if  it’s just to pay Dr. Strange or some other Sanctum dweller a visit.


Speaking of Dormammu, do you think he’s really going to hold up his end of the bargain with Dr. Strange? I mean he is the Dark Dimension in the Astral Flesh. Is that even a thing? Credit Super Hero Junky, if not. Regardless, Dormammu may have left Earth of his own free will, for now. Even if he held up his end of the bargain and never returns to Earth doesn’t mean we won’t see him outer space. Oh yeah, that’s right, the Universe is a pretty big place. I’m sure Dormammu hasn’t given up on his conquest to engulf the entire thing. What kind of Villain would he be if he quit on us? This time I just hope Marvel sends him in an astral form that the Avengers can fight in hand to hand combat. Spare me the lame “Dormammu, I’ve come to Bargain” crap.


Well this is almost a given. At the end of Dr. Strange we see Mordo in a cracked mental state of what appears to be him driven to the dark side. He’s ready to take back everything from all of the people that lied to him. Distraught from discovering the Ancient One’s true dark dimension power stealing behavior, Mordo is now on the war path and a mission to reduce the amount of fake wizards in the world. Or get rid of them all together. He’ll be back, most likely in the second Dr. Strange movie.


He’s only in jail people, need I say more? OK, OK,  I won’t be lazy, but your not getting much more on the Vulture from me. Will we see him in the next Spider Man movie, “Far From Home”? Doubtful but what isn’t doubtful is a cameo or bad guy team up in the MCU at some point. His family may have moved out of New York, but best believe the Vulture wants Vengeance.


We assume he’s coming back at some point. He had a couple scenes in Spider-Man: Homecoming and the tattoo on his neck gives away who he really is or is going to become. We don’t know what form Scorpion is going to show in, whether it’ll a tech Scorpion or a flesh Scorpion remains to be seen. What we do know is that he is alive, in prison and the ground work for Scorpion has been laid.

Hela & Surtur

Hela isn’t dead. Surtur isn’t either. Has this been confirmed? No. I know Asgard was destroyed with both of them on it. Do you think Thor is the only one that can float around in space after an explosion destroys the land under your feet and not not die? These two baddies are way too powerful to go out like that. Surtur is a demonic creature from Hell and Hela well she’s the most powerful being Asgard has ever seen. You might be saying nah, Thor is, but Thor didn’t beat her, he left her behind to battle Surtur. Hela actually bested Thor, in my opinion. The thing about Marvel is, there is a time stone, anything can happen. Anyone can be revised and/or brought back to life. It wouldn’t surprise me if we see a movie with multiple returned villains. It’s always a gang of Hero’s vs 1 bad guy with an army. How about a gang of bad guys that we almost forgot about?

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