Masked or Unmasked: Which is a better hero?

To Mask or Not to Mask

To Mask or Not to Mask, that is the question. I like superheroes of all kinds. The thing is I prefer masked heroes in comparison to unmasked. I’ll explain later but ill also talk about those heroes who choose to not hide behind a mask.

Join the Masquerade

For this I consider anything that covers the face a mask, like Batman’s cowl and Iron man’s helmet. I’ll join the masquerade for the fact that I like the idea of masks because it is meant to conceal and protect the identity. Masks also make it possible to make multiple people be able to become a hero.

The “mask” of a hero can make the hero immortal in theory. I like the thought of having a grandfather, a father and a son all know a superhero. The thing is the person behind the masked hero changes. I think it makes a hero timeless.

Enjoy that Face tan

There are too many heroes who get the face tan to count. I’ll use Superman as my example. I’m sorry but glasses is not a mask. Clark Kent uses no mask to hide his face. He is a hero of the people and wants to be seen. That is something that I can respect. They want to be seen and wearing a mask means there is something to hide.

Then There’s Tony

Tony Stark from Marvel comics can fit in both of these categories. He likes to be seen,wears the “mask” (helmet) because the suit needs it and as he points out has nothing to hide. The mask The the mask make him cool or not.

In my opinion, any hero that has a mask is cool in my book. You can find me on facebook or twitter.  Hit me up with anything you like to hear thoughts about or just to chat!

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