Marvel Contest of Champions Review

Marvel Contest of Champions

The Addiction Factor

This is a review of the app fighting game Marvel Contest of Champions. About what seems like a year or two my younger brother introduced me to Marvel Contest of Champions. It was Christmas time 2016 or 2017. It’s so cloudy now! The moment I looked at the game, I knew it would be an addiction, so I ignored downloading the app. A couple months later, I was bored one snowy afternoon and decided to download the game. The rest is history, I have logged on every single day since! Some days I am super active and other days I only make a couple of moves. I find myself playing in auto-pilot mode at work, home, while driving, watching movies, etc. All to level up and earn/win more characters.

The Negative

Honestly playing the game isn’t all that fun. It’s super repetitive and at times boring. Making the addiction factor much more impressive! I’ve logged in and played every day for two years straight! What’s also wicked annoying is the fact I’ve been maxed out now for at least 6 months or more. I want to keep leveling up, but the Contest only allows you to reach level 60! So why did they give all those options for distributing points when you can’t even attain them? That is ridiculous in my opinion. Not too happy about that!

I Want My Favorite Heroes

Continuing with the negative. You know what else sucks? You have to play for 3, 4, sometimes 5 months before earning enough crystal shards to get a five start hero! I bust my butt dedicating time to this stpid game every day! After five months of dedicated playing I get a five-star Gwenpool! Lame! OK, some people love her. People in my alliance say “she’s awesome, she’s god tier, she’s a bleed machine bro!”. Well guess what!? I don’t care! I want my favorite heroes! Give me a five-star Hulk, Thanos or Iron Man! I’ve been playing for over two years straight! I have a five star Gwenpool, Hela, Sentinel, Winter Soldier, Hawkeye and Agent Venom. Wicked Lame!

The Positive

Seriously, the bad outweighs the good! Positives are very minimal. It’s a source of mindless entertainment. I guess that can be a positive depending on how you look at it. It stopped me from scrolling through my Fakebook news feed all day. Sometimes I don’t open FB for days at a time because of it. Definitely a positive! Leveling up my heroes has become a goal. The game is always on my mind! It also helps me keep my kids entertained at times. The only other really positive thing is that leveling up heroes can be gratifying. Sometimes the alliance function is cool too if you are in an active alliance that communicates. MCOC can be entertaining in that regard also. Shout out to [WbA_] War Born Assassins!

Making it Better

First of all, players should be able to keep leveling up! Remove the leveling up restrictions. I’ve been maxed out for a hot minute! Lame! Do something about that. Second, let people earn shards quicker. Don’t be greedy MCOC! I’m not paying for shards! I just want to play the game and have fun leveling up my guys the old fashioned way! Stop trying to steal my money and give me some heroes! Speaking of which, when I play for six months straight, every day, and finally get enough shards to open a five-star crystal that reveals Gwenpool, I get pissed off! If you aren’t going to give us a way to get our favorite heroes at least allow us to makes trades within the alliance.

That’s my Marvel Contest of Champions Review, thanks for reading!

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