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This is Iron Man Vs Batman. They both are Billionaire playboys with no “real” super powers. They Fight bad guys with nothing but their bare hands… and… well… their absolutely kick ass and wicked awesome Gadgets & Tech! This is the obvious and the much easier part of the comparison to recognize. So, why the comparison? Any true comic fan already knows the answer. These two heroes are from completely different universes and are absolutely similar, yet they are entirely different. This blog will compare and even show favor to one side or the other as it breaks down the heroes’ similarities and differences.


It’s always good to start a comparison with a little history! Batsy Batsy Batsy (Harley Quinn Voice) is nearly a quarter century older than Iron Man! Batman first appeared in Detective Comics No 27 , in 1939 and Iron Man made his first appearance in Tales of Suspense No 39, March 1963. Iron Man was ranked 12th on IGN’s “Top 100 Comic Book Heroes” in 2011 and third in their list of “The Top 50 Avengers” in 2012. Wow, that’s actually pretty impressive but paralleled to Batman it flails in comparison. I couldn’t really find any actual rankings for Batman but who needs rankings anyway? Tony Stark probably does, but Batman won the Super Hero popularity contest on YouTube! That’s all Super Heroes’ not just the DC Universe, that included Marvel characters as well. I’m pretty sure that’s good enough for Bruce Wayne so it’s good enough for me!

1 Point for Batman.


Billionaires? Check! Playboys? Check! No “Real” Super Powers? Check! Amazing Tech and Gadgets? Check! Philanthropist? Undeniably! Geniuses? Absolutely! Oh, and before you try to argue The Batman is not a genius, make sure you read this entire blog. There is a comparison portion that talks about the heroes’ brain power. They both are obviously in solid shape, but these two heroes’ still battle evil with no powers except their very own hands and awesome technology of course.


Now lies in the significant differences.

The Dark Knight, is just what the name implies! Dressed in all black Batman creeps in the night disrupting evil and protecting Gotham from a multitude of Super Villains that roam the DC Universe. He does this in secret as he protects his real identity (Bruce Wayne) while operating out of a hidden fortress. The Bat’s “Home Operation” known as the Bat Cave is concealed under his actual home, Wayne Manor. He seeks no glory or fame only Justice. His Gadgets range from smoke bombs to Bat-mobiles and a variety of weapons attached to his utility belt including the infamous Batarang. Bruce Wayne uses resources for a lot of his gadget and mobile making whereas Tony Stark is front and center and spearheads his technological breakthroughs.

Iron Man on the other hand loves the limelight! He’s protected by a weaponized suit of armor and its hot rod red! Everyone in the Universe knows Tony Stark is Iron Man, as he flaunts around in his suit with his helmet off, usually looking for praise and attention. Tony is also extravagant and super flashy even when he’s not dawning his Invincible Iron Man Armor.  Unlike his Dark Counterpart he doesn’t hide his fortress either. Stark Tower is a beacon of light in heart of New York City, with his name plastered on it for the world to see! Instead of a million gadgets and sick modes of transportation like Batman has; Tony has a million versions of his Iron Man suite to get him around and fight all sorts of opposition in the Marvel Universe.


The obvious; super rich white guys with love for the world and hatred for evil! Who’s better looking? Who Cares! They are comics and on the Big Screen Batman has been played by several different actors so RDJ has to go against like 5 or 6 dudes, not fair! They both are playboys and that’s good enough for me. What have they really done, how is the record compare among the top playboys in the world?

Bruce Wayne has had his fair share of fun nights out with plenty of women, so has Batman. The thing is Bruce and Batman are almost two different people. So when Bruce “hooks up” it’s usually with a somewhat normal woman, or one with no super powers. The interesting thing is that his crime fighting alter ego “hooks up” with the other super heroes’ and often the other super villains! Batman has be known to have flings with Cat-woman, Harley Quinn, Talia Al-Ghul and Cheeta. He’s also linked with Wonder Woman and Super Woman. This isn’t even the full list!

Tony has not only seduced several of his co-workers in the MCU and throughout comic book history, he has also had fun with all 12 Maxim Cover Models one year. Well, He actually “missed his date with November but made it up in December because they were twins”. The thing that’s awesome about Tony, he does it in the wide open, as himself but everyone knows he’s a super hero. Nothings changed for him, he’s appearing to settle down with Pepper Potts as shown lately in the MCU, but his body of work prior to their current arraingement is impeccable. Listen to additional these notches in that Iron Belt, Justine Hammer, Maria Hill, Black Widow, The Wasp and get this, She-Hulk! Wow, She-Hulk, that must have been terrifyingly amazing!

1 point for Iron Man.


You may not think Genius when Bruce Wayne first comes to mind, but he certainly meets all the criteria to be considered a genius. Wayne’s unyielding Batman campaign forced him to learn engineering and forensics. Do Not disregard his deductive reasoning as a detective, often compared to Sherlock Holmes. Did you see Batman Vs. Superman? Bruce Wayne weaponized kryptonite buy turning it into a gas like substance to outsmart The Man of Steel! Batman then proceeded to kick Super Man’s ass. Yeah, I’d say he’s a pretty smart dude!

Tony Stark’s intellectual reputation as a well-known genius is apparent and blatant, just like his boisterous personality. Stark concocted weapons and armor that have put him on an even playing field against the Incredible Hulk and Thor! Yeah, that’s impressive too, especially for a “man in a can” as he so delicately puts it. Stark is an unmatched inventor; physics, engineering, mechanics, mathematics and computer programming come as easy as apple pie. I mean, “Tony Stark built a miniature arc reactor in a cave! With Scraps!” (Obadiah Stane, 2008).


Wayne rarely invents the bat themed gadgets and vehicles he uses as a vigilante. Instead he often re-purposes others’ inventions through his corporate intelligence research and development agency; a secretive subsection of Wayne Enterprises. Batman is definitely smart, however, he’s not a creative inventor himself and he leans heavily on Alfred and his R&D department for Knowledge and Technical Support. Although, one time he built an intergalactic spaceship and opened a wormhole to Pluto, pretty in-genius.

Stark’s intellect and genius is second to none (no human that is). As a philanthropist he is continuously making the world a better, safer place. Stark once built an environmentally friendly, repulsor powered automobile, not to shabby! He was once faced with an enemy he couldn’t beat, so what did he do? He merely amended his own biology to give himself super solider abilities. That’s not all. He hollowed out his bones to store his armor and connected his brain to wifi to operate himself. Unlike Batman who seeks assistance and advice from Alfred, Tony created his counseling subordinate in the form of a super computer and named the fully comprehensive and intuitive form of artificial intelligence, Jarvis.

2 Point’s for Iron Man. 1 for genius. 1 for philanthropy.


Both Heroes’ have high tech high and high powered fortresses. A cool uniqueness is that they both live in their respective super hero strongholds. Lego Robin said to Lego Batman, upon discovering the Bat Cave, “Wow Batman lives in Bruce Wayne’s basement?” The Lego Batman then replied “No Bruce Wayne lives in Batman’s Attic”. It’s Dark, its awesome, its full of bat gadgets, bat-mobiles and and a super computer. It’s also full of guess what? Yup, you got actually living breathing bats! Creepy but just fits the theme, like none other! Don’t forget the bat trophy room!

Tony actually lives in a home in Malibu where he kept some of his suits and tech, until it got destroyed in Iron Man 3. However, he also sometimes lays his head in a luxury high-rise apartment affixed to Stark Tower. And then, it too got destroyed by the bad guys. Tony sometimes run’s his mouth too much and either advertises his name atop the tallest skyscraper on earth or give’s out his home location to bad guys because… Well… He’s just that arrogant, part of the reason I personally favor him.

However, for this particular blog, Batman’s super secluded cave full of bats gets the nod.

1 Point. Batman.


This one is really all about preference. Hot Rod Red/Fire Orange with a splash of Gold in an impenetrable armored suit that shoots lazers and thrust beams or Black everything and sometimes charcoal grey caped crusader. Mhhmmm really tough call, but if we are going with the basic suits let’s not neglect the fact that Iron Man Suits can fly.

I also believe in the late 60’s Batman showed up in a navy blue, powder blue and grey KABOOM/BAM/THWIPP/THWAP fist throwing suit. At its worst the Iron Man suit was red and yellow and he didn’t come out with a pretty lame TV series dressed like that. Fortunately for Iron Man he was a cartoon/comic character, by the time he hit the Big Screen CGI was alive and well! OK, the Batman show may have been cool and ahead of its time, but 50 years later the look-back period is pretty comical and makes Batsy lose a cool point.

1 Point. Iron Man.


Here’s the Straight Up and Down Final Head to Head Comparison for all the Marbles. Based on just the Gadgets & Tech and nothing else. Not taking into consideration where the stuff came from which would unfavorably tilt the odds in Iron Mans favor.

Ironman has the arc reactor technology! And… a bunch of suits, 102 versions that I could find online so far. OK so, he has Jarvis too, Friday, Veronica and a Hulk Buster Armor. That’s pretty wicked if you ask me!

However, for the Dark Knight there is Grappling Hooks, Finger Tasers, Bat-Napalm, a Kryptonite Ring, Power Armor, Electromagnets, Rocket Boots, Glider Wings, Built-in Lie Detectors, Batmobiles, Bat-Boats, Gauntlets, Bat-Wing, the Batpod, a Bat-Crawler a Bat-Sword Light Saber, Bat-Bombs, a million different evolutions of the Batarang, an infamous Yellow Utility Belt and so much more! The list goes on forever, can’t forget to mention the gloves that cover his pulverizing fists! It’s really not even a contest!

1 Point. Batman.


As we Tally up the points, Iron Man Wins! Looks like Playboyism was more important than we thought! Iron Man may have won the battle but if these two actually had a fight; I personally think the winner would be Batman!

Although I am a huge Tony Stark fan, especially how RDJ has emerged in the MCU, and deep down I think he may find a way to outsmart Bruce Wayne, I still would put my money on Batman.

I think Batman’s Gadgets would be too much to overcome. Not only that he would carefully and tactically plan for and not overlook a worthy opponent.

Tony Stark’s arrogance might just be his downfall, as he may not prepare well enough for facing an opponent as tactical and equipped as the Dark Knight!

Honestly without Robert Downey Jr. and the last 10 years of the MCU, this might not even be close! But hey, you can’t deny the big screen success Iron Man has had since 2008!

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