This blog is about Thanos and Only Thanos! I've been thinking about this for some time and it's time to get it off my chest! Let me just say that I absolutely love the guy! The giant purple avenger killing titan brought everything to the table! He brought power, hands, brains, ruthlessness and even compassion and love. The dude was phenomenal.  OK, so he wanted to wipe out half the universe and killed a ton of our favorite hero's in the process. Guess what? I don't care! After Thor Ragnarok I wasn't to happy and wanted to see some dead hero's anyway.

The Power

The Power of Thanos was on display after the opening scene of Avengers Infinity War. He single handily smacked the Hulk up making Bruce Banner look not so incredible. He gave the Hulk such a bad beating he was afraid to come out for the rest of the movie. Lame! I won't go into details about how or why Mark Ruffalo got way to much face time, but the disappearance of Hulk was pretty disappointing. Even still, the power of Thanos seems unmatched. I would have liked to see the Attack on Xandar, even if it was a 2 minute flash back. I'm sure he crushed the Nova Corp quickly enough. The battle on Titan was amazing, the guy threw a moon at Iron Man as he defeated 8 heros' at once. Then he completed his mission in Wakanda in ruthless and heart wrenching fashion.

The Brain

Thanos was very well versed and super intelligent. I was not expecting his vocab to be on point the way it was. Everything he did was well planned and thought out thoroughly. Thanos proved to be a calculated foe whom weighed his options out prior to attacking. He feels as if the weight of universe rest on his shoulders and he alone has to correct it's inadequacies. The crazy thing is that he makes a lot of sense. In the real world overpopulation is an issue from country to country. Thanos was smart enough to understand this and has the willpower, strength and dare I say balls to do something about it!

The Compassion

If his intellect caught me by surprise his love and compassion really threw me off. I was expecting a devil, a tyrant, a Mad Titan that was pure evil. I was thinking we were going to get a bad guy that we hated! Nope! I fell in love with Thanos. I'm actually not looking forward to seeing the avengers kick his ass in the next movie. OK, well maybe a little bit. When he threw Gamora to her death, I was shocked but killing the little one made me realize how serious this dude was.

The Truth

Thanos brought everything to the table! Not only was he powerful, smart and compassionate he was a man of his word! Several times throughout the movie he kept promises to himself and to others. I have the utmost respect for the Mad Titan. Thanos didn't crush Thor's skull in exchange for the Tesseract. He left Stark alive when Dr. Strange pleaded with him to keep Tony from death. He didn't kill Nebula when Gamora begged for her life in exchange for the Soul Stone. He actually did love at least Gamora and he respected Tony Starks' knowledge. Thanos acknowledged others greatness and showed respect to others with power. He was actually kind and fair in a twisted and sick sort of way.

In response to Gamora saying "you don't know that", Thanos snickered and replied "I'm the only one who knows it". He was referring to correcting the universe and it's finite resources, by eliminating half the population. He also pointed out that "the children born (on Gamora's home planet) have seen nothing but full belly's and clear skies" since he wiped out half the people. Thanos didn't hate the universe, he actually loved it and thought what he was doing was going to save it!

The Snap

As a quick side note, I loved that they brought back the finger snap from the original comic books!  The MCU doesn't stick to everything in the original comic script completely but they got this one 100% right! Thanks for reading see you Mad Titan lovers soon! Oh Snap!

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