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Comics are cool… Video games are cool… Both have pretty awesome characters, but you know what video games have that comics don’t? 8-bit graphics. Well I intend to change that. Hire me Marvel, or Capcom, or Nintendo, and I’d hit a niche market no one has before. 8-bit comics!


Bionic Commando & Iron Man: Attack on Stark Tower

Taking place immediately after the ending of the arcade game, Rad Spencer spots “STARK” on some of the gear that the Nazi’s used. Hoping to stop any future problems, the Federation sends Rad to Stark Tower to bring in Tony Stark for questioning. Tony doesn’t go in without a fight however. Knowing he has not done anything wrong, he sees Rad as an enemy. The two spar for awhile as they explain themselves. Rad explains the situation and Tony explains how he knows nothing of the operation. The two agree to compromise. Rad won’t turn him in if Tony helps find who is using his equipment and how they got it.

Bionic Commando & Iron Man: Joined Forces

Of course Tony keeps track of all his parts. His locator brings them to an underground base. Once inside they are met with heavily militarized soldiers, all sporting Stark equipment. They work there way through to the center to see who is heading this operation. Once through all the goons they reach a large locked door. They blast it open to find a dark room. From inside they hear:

Would you pick up this series? Who would you like to see write/draw this event? Do you have a story that you’d like to see? Let me know! Answer in the comments to any of these questions and you might see them showcased in a future “Hire Me!” post.

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