Hire Me! 5-Issue Marvel & DC Crossover Event


The Punisher: With Superman in His Sights (1/5)

Marvel starts the event with a Punisher comic. Joker, once again, escapes from Arkham Asylum. Frank Castle was already on the scene to put Joker in his place once and for all. Before he could pull the trigger, Superman blocks the way. With differing opinions in how justice should be served, a squabble ensues. Joker takes this moment to make his escape. With his target missed, Punisher changes his goal to Superman. Gearing up to take the Man of Steel down, we follow him through his planning.

Captain America: Allied Forces (2/5)

Marvel continues the story with a Captain America comic. Sharing in the peaceful justice Superman promotes, Cap puts it on himself to keep Superman’s alter ego, mild mannered Clark Kent, safe from the Punisher’s assassination attempts. Working as a body guard and hunter, we follow Rogers on his escapades to find Castle.


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Iron Man: Live and Let Die (3/5)

Understanding Castle’s mentality when it comes to dangerous criminals, Iron Man joins the Punisher on the hunt for Superman. Upgrading Castle’s tech and busying Cap while the Punisher aims, Tony Stark tries to level the playing field. This dispute gets public as the nation starts to take sides. Interviews, court hearings, and battles with each other take over the heroes’ lives.

The Joker: Hitlist (4/5)

While the heroes were busy answering to the public eye and fighting each other, the Joker was devising a master plan. DC takes the reigns for the first time in the crossover. With the heroes attention averted, the Joker has been able to go about his business without interference. In his master plan he first kidnaps Captain America to attract Superman. In this style he wants to pick off each of the heroes, one by one.


Superman: Justice Served (5/5)

DC brings the epic finale. As Joker planned, Superman makes his way to the warehouse where the Joker is storing his friend. The Punisher and Iron Man also were able to locate Joker’s hideout. They plan a raid. Lucky for them, their second target, Superman, is also there. Castle loads a kryptonite bullet, and Stark locates Joker. As the two fire, Superman and the Joker dodge the bullets in the knick of time. Unfortunately, this leaves Steve in danger’s way. Superman watches his friend go lifeless. There is no holding back now, Superman unleashes his rage on his friend’s killers. Punisher and Iron Man are able to escape, but not without taking tremendous damage.

Would you pick up this series? Who would you like to see write/draw this event? Do you have a story that you’d like to see? Let me know! Answer in the comments to any of these questions and you might see them showcased in a future “Hire Me!” post.

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2 thoughts on “Hire Me! 5-Issue Marvel & DC Crossover Event

  1. Wow thats good. And the Comic covers look likes it must have taken a ling time to create. Great work bud.
    Im hoping for a sequel

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