Hire Me! Marvel and DC 4-Issue Crossover


Green Arrow: The Red Ring (1/4)

After defending Star City from a ragtag gang of intergalactic alien bandits, Green Arrow discovers a red ring within their recoverd loot. Recognizing that it is similar to the one Hal wears, he looks to hold it for safe keeping until he visits the Watchtower again. Before he can put it in his pocket, Amanda Waller shows up with her “special operations” team. She confiscates the ring.

hire meThe IncREDible Hulk: Vote Hulk (2/4)

Listen up Marvel, you’re going to have a new solo series so that this crossover works! Red Hulk has his own series and ol’ Thunderbolt Ross has been running for president. After Amanda Waller handed over the Red Lantern ring to the government, Ross got his hands on it.

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hire meThe Punisher: Assassinate U.S.A. (3/4)

Frank Castle has been hired to assassinate presidential candidate Thunderbolt Ross by Amanda Waller. She knows he has the Red Lantern power ring and knows it’s nothing but trouble. Green Arrow knows Waller wants Ross dead. The Punisher and Green Arrow clash in this third installment.

hire meWorld War Hulk: One Nation Under Hulk (4/4)

In this one-shot spinoff special of the Red Hulk series, Thunderbolt Ross looks to use the full power of the Red Lantern power ring. After winning the election, despite Amanda Waller’s best efforts, President Ross unleashes his rage on the “enemy”, any one he sees to be against his will. Green Arrow and Punisher now team-up to take out this over-powered Hulk. Will they succeed before half of America is wiped-out?

Would you pick up this series? Who would you like to see write/draw this event? Do you have a story that you’d like to see? Let me know! Answer in the comments to any of these questions and you might see them showcased in a future “Hire Me!” post.

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