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Marvel’s Trinity is sooooooo overrated. Thor, Captain America, and Iron Man, have got to go. The Avengers is under new direction now, operating out of the spacious Avengers Mansion, Dr. Strange takes the proverbial wheel. Vision, Hawkeye, and the Hulk all stick by his side. Spider-Man and Daredevil are recruited, as well.
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hire meWest Coast Avengers

Alright, I made all of these at very different times, I did not realize I had the characters on two teams at once. Logistically, they wouldn’t be able to do this, but perhaps these lines don’t run at the same time. Apparently, California has had a high presence of baddies, therefore the Avengers sent a team to the coast.

Fronting this book is the Sub-Mariner, Namor. He often patrolled the seas off the West Coast. Maybe when this team was formed, Dr. Strange thought Daredevil and Vision would do better over here. So they’re here. Visions often thwarted military attacks off the coast of Santa Cruz. Though often associated with Hell’s Kitchen in New York, Daredevil actually has a rich history in San Francisco. Spider-Woman also spent some good time in San Francisco. She moved to SanFran to establish herself as a private investigator. Ant-Man, the other bug-based hero on the team, also moved to SanFran to investigate. Though instead of solving crime he was uncovering a mystery left by the former Ant-Man. Secret operations of enemy armies in Death Valley were put to rest by Toro, and the Blonde Phantom was in search of a reported Swamp Monster.

hire meLong Island Avengers

The West Coast is safe, the rest of the USA is covered as well, but that East Coast needs some help. Enter Long Island Avengers. This special unit is made up of heroes all born in Long Island. Fronted by Sue Storm and includes fellow blondes, Dazzler and Angel, and Iceman. This team is mutant heavy, I suppose it could be a special ops of the X-Men, if you wanted.

Would you pick up this series? Who would you like to see write/draw this event? Do you have a story that you’d like to see? Let me know! Answer in the comments to any of these questions and you might see them showcased in a future “Hire Me!” post.

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2 thoughts on “Hire Me! New Avengers Series for Marvel

  1. You’ve managed to make the Long Island Avengers look a lot cooler than the West Coast variant for my conservative tatste. But I can see the reverse appealing to certain markets!
    But surely the Surfer has to be riding West Coast waves?
    I would like to see a Mongrel Mob made from the heros who currently lack the charisma for a solo gig, owing to the writeing more than anything. To include:
    – Hulk
    – The Thing
    – Hawkeye
    – Cyclops
    AND all the girls with psyche powers…….in Kill Bill catsuits!

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