Hire Me! DC One-Shots


Justice League International

The Justice League can’t handle everything by themselves. The USA, for some reason, has more than their fair share of baddies, so while the main team is busy with that, they need someone for the rest of the world. Enter JLI. Of course, Martian Manhunter heads this team. Under his command are Red Tornado, Deadman, Kyle Rayner, Animal Man, Mera, and Duplicate Girl. This would be a fun book. Lots of personality in this group. All bases are covered, whether the threat be cosmic, magical, street level, or godlike, they got it covered on all seven continents.

Birds of Prey

The BoP are getting a movie soon, and if DC would hire me, they’d have a pretty awesome comic to go with it. Much like the Justice League has the Legion of Doom, the BoP would have this yet-to-be-named baddie group. Each fighting each other to be “leader” this team is comprised of the Penguin, Black Manta, Groilla Grodd, Cheetah, and Killer Croc. This, by far, will be the greatest challenge for the heroine group. Will they be able to overcome?

Superman feat. Martian Manhunter

The last son of Krypton and the last son of Mars team up for this one-shot of galactic proportions. That’s all I have to say about this one. That tagline would sell enough.
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Silver & Gold

This is a fun one. Two awesome heroes that don’t get enough attention carry their own book! I know this is DC one-shots, but I’d be more than down for a full line. Steel and Guardian team up and take down literally anyone who stands against them.

Would you pick up this series? Who would you like to see write/draw this event? Do you have a story that you’d like to see? Let me know! Answer in the comments to any of these questions and you might see them showcased in a future “Hire Me!” post.

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