Green Lantern: The Animated Series – Ended Too Soon



In 2011, DC made a 3-D animated series, starring Green Lantern. It followed Hal Jordan, Kilowog, a Red Lantern called Razer and an AI named Aya on their quest to defeat Atrocitus’ army of Red Lanterns. It was an excellent series with amazing voice acting, great animation, an outstanding story. Anything a Green Lantern fan could ask for. Firstly, the series introduced almost all of the elements that are iconic in the Green Lantern lore including; the Star Sapphires, Red Lanterns, Sinestro, Larfleeze, Mogo, Saint Walker and his Blue Lanterns, Guy Gardner and Thanagarians. Secondly, in the ladder half of the series run, Manhunters and the massive villain Antimonitor showed up. The show managed to bring great stories with each episode. It also introduced and fully fleshed out 2 brand new characters in the main cast. Razer and Aya. Their dynamic with each other and everyone else, is the true highlight of the series, but the show doesn’t forget Hal Jordan, Kilowog or any of the supporting cast either.

Too Episodic?

One of the biggest problem of the series was its episodic nature. At first, several episodes focus on different villains or problems, while the threat of the Red Lanterns is pushed to the background.  However, it soon finds its footing and the story is built episode by episode, with no fillers in between. The biggest hit the show could have taken must have been for reasons that were outside of its control. The 2011 Green Lantern movie’s failure resulted in people losing interested in the character, so the show wasn’t able to attract enough viewers. Much like Young Justice, it was cancelled ahead of its time.

That’s where DC’s new streaming service comes in. If Young Justice is successful, DC could see how valuable it is to bring old animated series back that may find success in the new generation.

Time for a Return?

At some point this show deserves a second chance rather than a reboot. Bring back the same artists and voices if possible. Maybe mix in some new artists and introduce some new characters to keep it fresh. Maybe have some guest appearances with some other DC characters. Characters like Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and the rest of the Justice League. Finally, add some new writers to get some fresh new story lines in the mix. A Green Lantern return is a must, we need to see this. There has to be enough GL fans out there to make this blog come true! So thanks for reading and share it up!


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