SPOILER FREE First impression of DOOM PATROL 

DOOM PATROL is DC’s second issue of “original content” (Young Justice Outsiders is season 3 from a previously released show) to be aired on their new streaming service DCUniverse.  If you are one of the many comic book fans that hasn’t subscribed to The DCUniverse yet, DOOM PATROL alone is worth the investment – either the investment of time, you can try DCUniverse for a week for free, or the $7.99 a month.  DC is picking up right where they left off with Titans, so as to say – these are not your father’s…  wait, check that…


DOOM PATROL Spelled with an R

These ARE your father’s comic book television shows!  Like Titans, DOOM PATROL is also clearly not for kids. Titans opened the season by making a statement with excessive violence. DOOM PATROL follows that same formula, but they make their bold statement using something other than violence to make you go “WHOA, OK this isn’t for kids.”  The production quality is right in line with TITANS as well.  They both feel as if they fall somewhere between a CW Arrowverse show and a big budget theatrical feature.  DOOM PATROL actually goes in a direction that even Deadpool didn’t go.  If you’ve been asking for more comic book movies to be made with an R rating, it seems like  DC has heard your requests.  


Coming into DOOM PATROL I had little knowledge of the characters, so that limited my expectations.  I didn’t read the comics, so my introduction came from TITANS season one episode 4. I wasn’t really sure where their story was going, or how I would feel about the characters.  Episode one of DOOM PATROL does a great job of introducing viewers to the characters in a way that gives just enough information;  consequently, we feel like we know each character. The acting does a great job of making us feel for each individual, and the writing leaves us asking questions and wondering where the overall story is going.  DOOM PATROL has a real unique feel while at the same time you feel like its a crazy version of Dorothy and company heading off to find the wizard. 

It’s Going to Be Quite a Ride

Alan Tudyk has a line in the beginning, “Critics, what do they know?  They’re gonna hate this show…”  almost like the show itself is doomed. Sure there are flaws, but the story draws us in, in a way that makes us over look them.  Like another DC product, Legends of Tomorrow on the CW, DOOM PATROL leans into the their perceived inadequacies. It uses them to help fuel the show with humor. “A little snug in here” is a quick example of what could just be a throw away line or could it be a play on the fact that an overweight man is in a stock car.  Either way it doesn’t matter.  This is not a story about stock car racing, it’s a story of misfits.  DOOM PATROL brings you inside the heads of the characters, sometimes literally, to let you see their world through their eyes.  We, the viewers, are learning as we go and we are discovering that things aren’t always as they seem.  

GREAT First Impression

I really enjoyed episode one and I look forward to learning more about each character.  I’m interested in where this story is going.  One episode, my first impression?  I thought it was great!  But…  first impressions can often times be misleading.  Have I been mislead?  I don’t think so…

If you’ve seen the show please let us know what you thought by leaving spoiler free comments below.  If you haven’t seen the show, let us know if this makes you want to see it or if you have less interest now.  You can also Tweet me at The Bright Side Chat.

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