Endgame Thor: Discussing Character Development

As we all have seen in Avengers: Endgame, Thor underwent some serious changes. Change is to be expected after all the events and deaths that occurred. Personally, I believe Thor is a character who is always optimistic, never let anything hold him back and is very loyal.

In the Endgame trailers, I remember feeling heartbroken because Thor looked so depressed, like all hope was lost. I knew that what was to come would effect him greatly.

Russo Brother’s Thor versus Taika Waititi’s Thor

Taika Waititi

Thor: Ragnarok was a Thor movie and MCU movie like none other. It was hysterically funny while going through a very serious plot and conflict.

In this movie Thor showed some great character development:

1. Learning to be Thor without Mjölnir.

2. Showed that the physical does not determine Thor’s strength or value (Haircut and loss of his eye).


3. A fight for Asgard, he remains extremely determined to help his people in any way possible.

Russo Brothers

Essentially the Russo Brothers throughout Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame reversed all that Taika did for Thor and his development


1. Used his physical appearance as a way to express how poorly Thor was doing as a joke.

Using someone’s weight as a joke is cheap humor. Fat jokes are not funny and are disgusting. Thor’s weight gain should not be a joke. In fact, his weight gain is a sign of his depression, problems and grief.

Endgame Thor

2. Thor did not seem the same regarding his leadership of the Asgard citizens on Midgard.

Having Valkyrie in charge is not necessarily a bad idea but it appears that he abandoned his people for years and then simply gave up his throne.

3. Gave Thor the Stormbreaker. While Thor’s entrance into Wakanda with the Stormbreaker was iconic, it is a reversal of what occurred in Ragnarok.

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