End Game – Reflecting on the MCU

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Avengers End Game has come and gone and will soon be on a TV near you. It’s time for some reflection. Not here to talk about the New Avengers. Here to reflect on what was. Here to reflect on the hero’s that we may never see again. Dearest to my heart, here to reflect on the death of Tony Stark. But First…

Captain America

Firstly, Steve Rogers returned the infinity stones and Mjolnir to the original timelines however her didn’t come home to his timeline. Secondly, he left us hanging with who he grew old with, not cool. Most of us assumed he married and lived his life out with Peggy Carter. Others have theories that he went back saved Black Widow and lived his days out with Natasha Romanoff. The truth remains to be seen and we just might never find out.

Doubtful we see Chris Evans in the Black Widow stand alone film or ever again in the MCU for that matter. At least he passed on the Captain America mantel to Sam. The hero lives on but the actor is long gone and so is America’s Ass.


We can assume Hulk ended his Avengers career due to the arm injury from the Infinity Snap. Unfortunately he ended his career in disappointing fashion to say the least. Will we ever see him in another Avengers movie? Will there be a Hulk Planet movie someday? We can only hope. Are stand alone movies not for Hulk? they tie it into the MCU. Mark Ruffalo is probably done for good.


Like you really care. Poor Hawkeye. Clint Barton is a Black Widow solo film cameo if he’s lucky. Rumor is he’s getting a Hawkeye series on Disney Plus. Are they going to tie it into the MCU? That remains to be seen but if it’s Jeremy Renner I will be watching just to see if there is any cool connectivity. High Unlikely Disney Plus let’s Ronan come out play.


It’s rumored Chris Hemsworth is done with the role of Thor, however he did leave into space with the Guardians of the Galaxy at End Game’s closure. We might see Thor again but maybe the hero is played by a new actor or maybe we see the Jane Foster version of Thor? Only time will tell.


Iron Man

“I am Iron Man”. Robert Downey Jr. The God Father of the MCU is done. He left the MCU the same way he came into it. A badass. The most prolific hero the Big Screen has ever seen. We all loved him and embraced him. Most of us cried when he passed. He snapped away Thanos, his human body and his MCU career. If we are lucky we will see him again in 20 years in Iron Man 4. Cheers to Wishful Thinking!

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