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The CW Network just had a major crossover event called Elseworlds.  Elseworlds was a marvelous culmination of of our favorite DC Super Heroes in a 3 show crossover event. It was just really awesome to see all of the characters come together. The story line was only OK, the battle scenes were average at best, yet the event was still super cool. Let’s dive in shall we?

Elseworlds Part 1 – The Flash

The first show of the Elseworlds crossover series took place on CW’s – The Flash‘s time, not to be confused with “Flash Time“. How’s that for an Easter Egg? Anyway, the crossover kicks of when Oliver Queen wakes up as Barry AllenThe Flash, with super speed. While the two heroes don’t quite understand what is happening, they do realize that they have somehow switched lives and powers. Barry realized the switch happened while training with John Diggle. To their dissatisfaction everyone they know and love doesn’t realize the switch has happened, so they spend a good part of the opening show trying to get everyone to believe them. Fortunately, they head to another Earth where Kara, AKA, Super Girl does notice the change. We also get a sneak peak of Clark Kent and Lois Lane while on that Earth. Once the heroes land their alibi, they head back to their Earth and get to see them fight Amazo (an all powerful robot) with the help of non other than Superman! But wait! Sisco has had some strange vibes. He vibes Oliver and Barry and showd them Marv Novu giving John Deegan the Book of Destiny, leading them to Gotham City and our first Batwoman sighting!

Elseworlds Part 2 – Arrow

Photo Credit: Jack Rowand/The CW Network, LLC.

Green Arrow and Flash, still stuck as each other, find themselves on the road to Gotham City. This time accompanied by Super Girl. Barry and Oliver hilariously argue over whether Batman is real or not. Bruce Wayne and the Dark Knight are nowhere to be found. However, Kate Kane is. Kane is Bruce Wayne’s cousin and has been holding down Gotham City as Batwoman in his absence.  The Super Trio end up in Arkham Asylum searching for John Deegan and the Book of Destiny. To their dismay all hell breaks loose as a prison break ensues. Sisco breaches in, immediately gets hit by a van and is suddenly under serious duress. Until, dun dun dunnn, Batwoman shows up to save him and clean up the rest of the rioting Arkham Asylum escapees. Our Heroe’s won! They did it, they recovered the Book of Destiny, until Marv Novu shows up and takes it back, leaving us once again stranded in a re-imagined world.

Elseworlds Part 3 – Super Girl

With John Deegan making himself the blacked out evil version of Superman and leader of the new world, how can our heroes prevail? With help from the real Super Man of course. I must say that this scene was more than refreshing. It actually looked pretty cool. I have seen some less than desirable action scenes from the CW Network but these two battling across the sky wasn’t one of them. Unfortunately unleashing the powers from the Book of Destiny was, for a lack of better words, pretty lame. Regardless of the inconsistent action, our heroes manage to stay alive and save the universe, as Oliver pleads with Marv Novu. We do know that it ended just in time to show what appears to be Psycho-Pirate (with his Medusa Mask) and the CWs next major crossover event; Crisis on Infinite Earths.

Favorite Parts 

The Crossover of course! I don’t watch Super Girl, just Arrow and Flash so seeing Superman was really cool. Then seeing the Superman in black as an evil character was even cooler. Marv Novu was great and the Psycho-Pirate was a cool easter egg. I really loved all the subtle references such as the Arkham scene with the names of some of our favorite villains on the doors. I saw, Cobblepot, O. (The Penguin), Nigma, E. (The Riddler), Karlo B. (Clayface), Guggenheim, M. (Mad Man & Arrow Architect) and Crane, J. (Scarecrow). How about this little Easter Egg. John Diggle is the Green Lantern on Earth 90! Pretty cool, pretty cool!

Worst Parts

Aside from some of the weak battle scenes, there are lots of things to hate about the Elseworlds Crossover. Oliver in Flash’s tights was one of them. The other Flash didn’t have the best uniform either. How about Batwoman? Don’t get me wrong, it was wicked cool that she was in the show, however the teeth grinding voice was a far cry from Batman or even Arrows level of raspy. I hope they come up with something more creative to disguise her voice in the season debut of Batwoman. Final hate moment of Elseworlds was when Batwoman and Supergirl shamelessly flirt. I mean OK, I get that it would be a pretty hot scenario however, it’s completely unnecessary, kind of like my aforementioned comment. I just don’t see the need for it. Let’s keep it PG-13 OK CW?


Overall, I really really enjoyed the event. I love when all of our favorite heroes are united in a crossover event like this. I think it’s super cool when they even feature on each others shows. The best thing about this event was the connectivity. I loved the Easter eggs and loved loved loved the story line leading up to Crisis on Infinite Earths! Cheers, CW, Cheers!


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